Letter: Truly British Fayre

FAO: Westerham Parish Council.

A Truly British Celebration: A Proposal

We are James, Emily and Lucan Bradshaw. At the beginning of this year we made an unusual New Year’s resolution. We would, as a family, explore all that Britain has to offer by only buying British goods and services.

This simple act has bought us much national, and indeed, international media opportunities*. It has also meant that the online blog we are running has received 110K hit in its first month and we now nearing 4000 followers on Twitter.

Our project particularly focuses on the origin of manufacture or production. Our findings so far suggest that there is a great misconception about the relative state of British manufacturing in general. Despite what you may think, Britain still has the capability of making great quality products at a price to rival foreign imports. We feel that a greater public awareness of our domestic capabilities would lead to more people seeking out and buying British goods, strengthen our manufacturing, lead to more skilled jobs and thus helping our ailing economy. We know that this seems like a rather lofty ideal but we are confident, given your assistance, that we can make a difference.

We have met and/or have been in contact with 100’s of British manufacturers over the last two months, from large well known businesses to smaller artisan makers. Pooling on these resources we believe that we have the ability to put on an event in Westerham that would focus the countries eyes on the town for one day, in celebration of British Manufacturing and Production.

What will the event look like?

We would like to set up a traditional British fayre… with a twist. We want to invite some of the best British manufactures and producers we have met to come and visit Westerham. We want them to set up a stall aimed at showing how their goods made, why they still produce in this country and generally be a part of a celebration of British production. We see stalls for manufactures of high-tech electronics and high fashion next to those of farmers, artisans and crafters.

The event will be set up strictly as a celebration for the charitable promotion of all British manufacture and production. All stall holders will be told that no more than 30% of their stall may be given over to selling products or taking orders. What we want is for these businesses to show how their products are made, provide props & interactivity and even give demonstrations. We will also encourage farmers to bring animals and arrange games & competitions with a British theme.

We want the stalls to be bright and colourful (with plenty of bunting) and we will aim to keep any over saturation of branding in check. We want to ensure that there is as even a playing field as possible between the different sized companies.

We aim to get 50 businesses represented on the day and our intention is that there will be no fee for businesses or visitors attending. All involved will give their time and resources as a charitable gesture.

We will have celebrity guest speakers and bands to provide entertainment for the day which will help to keep the mood light and celebratory into the evening.

What is the point?

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the vast array of goods that are still made wholly in the UK and show consumers just what is out there, while showing the manufacturers themselves that the UK public still appreciate the work that they do for us.

What will the event do for Westerham?

Naturally with a large event, there will be an increase in visibility for the town in the weeks surrounding it. The increased footfall will benefit the local businesses and raise the profile of the town generally. It is certain that there will be national media covering the event.

What are we asking for?

We would like to use the green and possibly another clear area of the town like the King George’s Fields. We would like to set up a stage for speakers and possibly bands to play on, this however would not be unreasonably large and we would of course respect any noise levels and curfews. We would also ensure that all participants have valid Public Liability Insurance before allowing them to set up their stall.

We would also appreciate the help of any local businesses or volunteers to aid us with the logistics.


We would like to hold the event in the Summer 2013 but we are open to suggestions for the dates to work around events already in the calendar. We expect the day to be held on a weekend day and run from 3pm until as late as possible.

In the first instance we would appreciate your feedback as the viability of this, admittedly, ambitious project and an opportunity to address the council directly at the next meeting.

Yours Respectfully,

James, Emily & Lucan Bradshaw



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