Meet the Bradshaws

In the Bradshaw family there is James (Dad), Emily (Mum), Lucan, Pippin and Patch (the cat!). We live together in a Victorian Semi in a small town in the Garden of England (Kent). We are just a normal family really!

The philosophy behind this project is fairly simple. Emily loves all things food and is concerned about where the things she feeds her family come from. James generally laments the decline in British manufacturing and wants to support British industry. Together as a family we want  to  raise awareness of some great British products, while finding out what gaps exist in our domestic output.


Buy British with the Bradshaws

Emily at a beautiful family wedding

Emily is a teacher in a local school and loves food and her family. She also loves gardening and growing as much as possible for herself in our garden and on our allotment. She is looking forward to a year of discovering markets, local producers and farm shops.

Buy British with the Bradshaws



James works in London as a 9-to-5 desk jockey for ‘The Man’. He loves motorbikes and guitars, but despite this he attempts to style himself as a country gent. James, like every true Englishman, likes making things or taking things apart in his shed/workshop.

Lucan off to school


Lucan is 3 years old and is officially Thomas the Tank Engines’ biggest fan. He goes to a local nursery and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, drawing and eating new things.


Pippin have a rare snooze


Pip is our newest edition and he very much likes being awake at night.


Patch is our 8 year old cat. She has a stubby tail, stubby bow legs and sleeps too much.


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