Is it possible to source a truly British Christmas tree?

So we have had another attempt to make a vlog (video-blog). The results are better than the first but we are still learning the technical stuff so please bare with us. This video includes 10 tips to getting the best tree possible.

Our mission was to put together a fully finished Christmas tree using only British made decorations. This would seem, on the face of it, to be an extremely tough ask given that the majority of the usual Christmas stuff if imported. We were nervous that it might not be possible… but we believe that this years tree is better than ever!

Here is the evidence:

Most of the decorations came from Folksy which has 1000’s of pages of British-made Christmas bits-n-bobs. Arguably too much, as it took us hours to filter through them all. In the end, however, we found some fantastic stuff. The paper chains are from John Lewis’s Christmas collection and look great but the surprise of the season so far it the British made tinsel. A company called Festive make a wide selection of different tinsels in their factory in South Wales. However, it must be noted that when we contacted them to try and buy some directly they were less than festive over the phone. They do stock some of the major supermarkets though.



  1. Very entertaining & educational! Loved the speeded up motion when trimming the tree stump with handy chainsaw LOL.(feedback: :only main tech problem was mainly the -sound- even though had it turned up full blast) But looking good… look forward to more vlogs!

  2. John Newlands Nursery says

    I watched the video. You have placed the tree next to the raidiator. The advice i gave to you was not to put it next to the heat

  3. We buy ours here every year!

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