Cold Coca-Cola or Cold Turkey?

I had a strange sensation last night (careful now!). I was watching TV and an advert for vintage-Coca-Cola-Poster-adCoke came on.  I instantly got severe cravings for a chilled, dew soaked, mountain fresh, glistening in the summer sun… ehem!, excuse me… can of Coca-Cola.

This is odd as I drink, at most, 3 cans of Coke per year. I think that it was the idea of not being able to have one (under our self imposed rules) that really made me want one. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would, at this point, begin thinking about the possibly of mind control being used in their advertising. However, being slightly more rational I realised that I was being tempted by the forbidden fruit.

It is obvious to me now that finding British goods is not the only issue we face. We also have to combat our own wills against the dominating power of consumerism itself (especially American). In this battle my will won-out but whether I will be a casualty in the in the war, as the months roll on, it is anyone’s guess.

– James


  1. Hi there! I used to work for Coke (in Australia) and whilst they are a big US corporation, all Australian product was bottled and manufactured in Australia (I worked above the factory). I’m guessing the UK product would be the same – giving UK people jobs etc. Not sure if your experiment is banning all non-UK owned companies, but thought I’d let you know, just in case your craving got too much! Cheers!

    • Actually I know that you are right about production. But the fact that it is an American brand and there are totally British alternatives means that this bars this from our list of acceptability. Our aim is to find the most British products possible so it would feel like cheating to settle on Coke. I do want to get this point straight though – we have no issues with Coco-Cola as a brand but it does not get more American than Coke!

      • You’re absolutely right about Coke being the most famous American! Good luck with finding something that hits the spot. I’m a big fan of IrnBru when I can get it (we’re living in Germany), so maybe that’ll do? Keep up the good work!

  2. Tracey says

    Coke is also made here in Britain. If it has GB on the side of the Bottle/Can then it’s made in the UK. Hope this helps.

  3. Angela Harding says

    Irnbru is good so is Dandelion and Burdock

  4. Fentimans make a cola drink as well as other traditional soft drinks, though the ginger beer, I think, has a tiny bit of alcohol in it.

    • Fentimans Curiosity Cola has been my cola of choice ever since I tried it! So much more flavour and “botanically brewed” implying natural ingredients and process. Available from waitrose and some cafes, pubs tend to have their other flavour soft drinks like lemonade. Their non alcoholic shandy satisfies the taste buds when on designated driver duty.

      • Thank you for this that might well satisfy his cola craving and also provide us with some lovely fizzy drinks to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed the blog 🙂

      • +1 for Fentimans Curiosity Cola. Absolutely gorgeous and when I occasionally buy it I have to hide it from my kids otherwise I don’t get a look in

  5. Personally, having been a huge Diet Coke fan, I’ve switched to Bottle green Elderflower cordial with Fizzy water… it’s sweet, totally British and if you want to add some alcohol touches, gin or vodka compliments it brilliantly!

  6. My wife and I stopped drinking Cola, and when we tried it again after several months we found it was awful, and have no idea why we drank it in the first place. Now when someone offers us the stuff we say firmly no thankyou. You’ll find the same with other things such as Burgers etc from those American Fast Food places, you know, the golden arches? It all tastes awful after you’ve managed to ween yourself off the muck.

  7. I’m with the cordial fan, they are our replacement for fizzy drinks. I’m particularly addicted to Bottle Green’s Lime & Coconut, tastes tropical, few mint leaves, almost mojito like. Adding rum wouldn’t go amiss every now and then though!

  8. Hello from New York,
    I joined the conversation rather late but I was thinking that there has to be a cola made in the UK. I recalled seeing UK brands at the markets during my trips to London. I do see that a few Uk drinks were mentioned in the above posts. You and your family are embarking on a timely and fun experience.
    Carry On !

  9. How about buying AG Barr brands instead – not just makers of Irn-Bru (which oddly I only every drink north of the boarder) but Cola as well (in addition to a number of other brands you may not relise they own)

  10. Stay off the Coke and the McDonalds and you’ll doubtless add a few years to your life (and keep a few pounds off your weight).

  11. I agree. Once you wean yourself off the taste it is so sickly you really won’t want it.

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