David Nieper set to double production and assist local school

Christopher Nieper - A British Manufacturing Hero!

Christopher Nieper – A British Manufacturing Hero!

Growing demand for clothing that is “Made in Britain” is fuelling David Nieper’s ambitions to double its production with the addition of a £750,000 cutting factory in Derbyshire. However, they also have big ambitions to help the local community.

The women’s clothing maker has just opened the new factory in Alfreton, just a short distance from the firm’s main premises, that is set to see their production double. This is of course good news for the company but also great news in securing local jobs.

News of the new factory came just days after the company announced that it had taken over a failing local school, offering investment and management in order to help get it out of special measures. The companies ambition for Alfreton Grange Arts College is to improve its Ofsted rating to “good” or “outstanding” status within three years.

People ask us why British manufacturing is important – well, manufacturers, especially where they are British owned, tend to understand the importance of the communities that rely on their factories. We regularly hear stories of manufacturers making huge differences to the people in their communities,   beyond the provision jobs (Interestingly, I have never heard of a bank going to the same lengths). Congratulations to David Nieper for continuing this tradition.


  1. What a great story, very inspirational. Thank you for posting.

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  2. Darren Woodiwiss says

    Great news for the local population, not so sure about the School link.

    I take it from this that they have sponsored the conversion from a state school to Academy which might sound innocent enough. Currently Academies are not allowed to make a profit but funds can be syphoned off through swollen salaries etc.,

    Academies are of course business units and as such need to build capital reserves which leads to the small amount of academies having more cash than the whole of the rest of the education system.

    I am sure that David Nieper’s drive is altruistic and I wish them well.

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