Easter Tour: Day 7 (p2) – Shakespeare Glass

Once we were finished in the fantastic town of Totnes we all clambered back in the car and journeyed on towards Taunton and the riverside (almost) workshop of Shakespeare Glass.

We met Will and Kate and were instantly mesmerised by the amazing glassware in the shop/showroom. The colours were vivid and very beautiful and the addition of a lovely sunny day gave everything a real sparkle. Will is the main glass blower and the owner of the business. He made the production of item after item look completely effortless, something I suspect is what comes from nearly 30 years of  blowing and forming glass.

Both he and Kate were keen to know how we’ve been getting on and were supportive of what we are doing this year, asking us almost as many questions as we did of them! It really is very flattering to think that people care about what we are doing and why we are doing it. To have such skilled craftsmen interested is indeed an honour.

Whilst we were there the call came through from the Pat Marsh show on BBC Radio Kent and I was interviewed outside the shop about the up coming Munchies in the Meadow fair, which we will be opening and speaking at (more about this later). It really is turning into a weird but truly exciting year!

Just before we left James was offered the chance to have a try at blowing some glass, something he has wanted to do since I met him. It was nowhere near as graceful and easy looking as Will’s but he was assured that it was actually pretty good for a first go. The video evidence will be edited and posted when we get better internet signal. We are now glamping in a yurt for the next two nights in the middle of nowhere.

Lots to do tomorrow when we Meet Roger Saul on his Sharpham Park Estate to talk about high fashion and growing spelt.

– Emily


  1. Will and Kate?

    How very British!

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