Getting dolled up the British way

We have been blogging for a while about our hunt for British made clothes. There are now some great British manufacturers of children’s clothes, Fieldlife, Unique Kids and Grubbies to name just a few. There are also super manufacturers for menswear like Cahoonas, Private White VC and Marko Johns.

Where I come unstuck is on women’s wear. Now please don’t get me wrong there are some super manufacturers out there if you want knits, tweeds and traditional wear or if you want something a bit wacky and retro. All this said when I have looked in the past for a smart dress for dinners or now as I start to look for the dress for the British Family Fayre and big birthday combo there is little out there that is off the peg ready British. This is quite a sorry state of affairs especially as we are trying so hard to show that living British is a viable option.

1950s_dress_patternI am now considering making something myself from my Grandma’s old patterns and buying some more British printed fabric to do so. It’s not ideal however, so I would love anyone who can help me out with a British made party dress even if it’s just pointing me in a good direction to come forward. Please help to make the fayre day as fabulously British as possible 🙂


  1. Heidi Rose says

    What about shops that sell vintage clothes for ladies – maybe some of those are British made.

  2. Have you seen the Fleur wrap dress English Rose, made in UK, by Heyday?

  3. Try brilliant vintage themed dresses off the peg or made to measure- I drool at their window display!

  4. Have you tried Brora?

  5. Find yourself a dressmaker!
    Have something that can be inspired by popular fashion, but made just for you, older items can be reworked too. You will not look back, or better!

  6. Rosa Garrett says

    Yes Brora has those sorts of clothes although not sure if all clothes are made here.
    I know for a fact Nancy Dee is made in Britain – they have lovely dresses. I have one!
    Are you looking for something like this?
    Good luck!

  7. Lady v london are being made in London as of this month and their dresses are amazing 🙂

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