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We are at the top… below is Esther Ransen and her late husband… just in case!

Well, that is the end of another interesting day in the Bradshaw house. It all started with a small interview we did with The Bromley Times about 2 weeks ago. This piece was published on Monday and today we woke to another maelstrom of media attention.

The highlight of this has to be featuring on the front page of the Daily Express. It is fair to say that when we started our little project we never dreamed that we would be slapped on the front page of a national newspaper! But it did not end there – we were also featured on page 25 of the Daily Star and had another piece on the MailOnline (Click here).

On the back of this Emily was interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield and we have had additional offers of TV and radio interviews (watch this space!).

We are constantly taken aback by this sort of attention but it is great that we are in a position to celebrate the best Britian has to offer.

Page 14 – Daily Express

Page 5 – Daily Express


Page 25 – Daily Star


  1. i think you are very brave and when you find somthing english made you should let us all know

  2. Great idea. Home made, locally produced and with care and attention

  3. michelle sheppard says

    Been following you now avidly on each blog. Dont give up your inspirational 😉

  4. I really hope you do kickstart British production again. What an amazing thing if you do. I’ve been following you from the start ( in non stalkery way of course) and I think you’re doing great!

    Keep up the good work.x

  5. Sandra says

    Hi guys love what you are doing. I am trying to buy British wherever possible. What about Mary Portas’ ” kinky knickers” ? They are gorgeous, perhaps a little on the expensive side for some but I understand that they are British Manufactured with all British supplied materials.
    I keep checking you list for new additions. Thanks for doing the research for us!

  6. Geoff L. says

    I’m glad I’m not on my own in my efforts to buy British, and you certainly seem to be taking it to another level; toothbrushes! – I had no idea they were still being made here. One word of caution to those considering following in your footsteps (and I hope they do): beware of items sporting a Union Flag or stamps on the product declaring, for instance, ‘Bloggs & Company, England’. This is frequently misleading and refers only to the fact that the company’s head office is here or is trying to suggest that it is an old, established British company. Almost invariably if a product is made here it will say ‘Made in the U.K/England/Scotland’ etc. Anything else and it is disingenuous at the least and probably bordering on the illegal because it is promoting a false impression in order to capture sales. E.U. law makes it unlawful to insist that manufacturers show country of origin on products but a voluntary code exists that allows honest retailers such as Marks and Spencer to declare country of origin on labels, and it is NOT illegal for a manufacturer to voluntarily stamp the country of origin on the product. Nearly all British manufacturers follow this practise, so if it doesn’t say ‘Made in the U.K etc.’ then it almost certainly isn’t.

  7. Solomon Martin says

    Well done this website is a good idea and if we all pool our knowledge of British products that are available on the market, it could help to save jobs, However in the broader sense we do need to leave the EU otherwise all these efforts will not achieve very much,

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