Salad Dodging

The fruits of today’s efforts

I went to make myself a sandwich last night. There was some left over roast chicken, some mayo and even an avocado. These are some premium sandwich fillings, the type of ingredients that rarely come together in this house. I was beginning to get exited. Even the bread was fresh. For once, I would not have to dig a couple of  frozen slices from the fridge and toast them. There was just one thing missing… salad. While the salad is not the main event in a sandwich, it forms an important part of the foundation.

Upon querying Emily on our lack of cool iceburg or peppery rocket . I was curtly informed that salad does not grow in Britain at this time of year. As if to tease me, she did say that it was possible to get watercress… but that the stuff in Waitrose was Spanish so she did not buy it.

I took another trip to the fridge and had a root around. Cabbage! It looks the similar to lettuce. It might be a British wintertime substitute in, this, my hour of need. I began careful construction of my prized sarny, with its bed of Cabbage (I took the tough stork out of each leaf to make it more lettuce-like).

Anyway, long story short; cabbage is a very poor substitute for any type of  salad item. Yuk! One bite in and I removed my mock-lettuce and had a less than satisfactory sandwich without green-stuff. Bummer!

Apparently it is possible to grow winter salad leaves in Britain. So, today I got up early and began constructing our new greenhouse so that we can produce our own. Next time I need a late-night sandwich I am going to be prepared!

– James

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