Visiting the Supermarket – A Rare Treat

It has been a few weeks since we last visited the supermarket for a proper shop. It is becoming plainly obvious to us that buying food for our family is far cheaper if we avoid the supermarkets, and the quality of the fresh produce is far better. This means that a trip to to supermarket is a rare treat rather than a weekly headache.

We did, however, get suckered into buying far more than we originally went for (which was basically black bin bags). It was only when we got home with 5 bags full of stuff that we knew that we had fallen into their trap.

Emily did very nearly fall off the wagon though as having had no lunch the chocolate aisle called. However with nothing within easy reach the temptation had to be ignored, however frustrating it was!

Another things that we did notice while in Waitrose was these new labels denoting the county of origin. This seems like a step in the right direction to us!.



  1. Sandra says

    I agree with you about avoiding supermarkets saveing money. Years ago when ever I had was short of cash, I would only venture in to the butchers, bakers, and green grocers shops.
    but its not quite so easy these days as the big supermarkets have put all our small shops out of business. I now shop at a small farm shop,(that I have to drive to) for meat, veg,eggs and flour. I make all my own bread (in a bread maker). my granddaughter loves both going to the farm shop, and helping to weigh the ingredients for the bread.

  2. Thats all very well, but in my village all we have is two supermarkets, and not one independant butcher/grocer etc. As we don’t frive, and a trip to the City would result in the same shops being found, what would you suggest we do? Even the local farmers only supply to supermarkets, and they won’t sell to us because we are not buying in bulk.
    Nice if you can shop the way you can, but most of us cannot due to our shops which we did support btw close because they find it easier to sell up and make a quick buck. In business it would seem that nobody is bothered about the customer, and this would seem to include the local independants as well.

    • We have a company called kentvegbox. There similar schemes throughout the uk. Try that. Best of luck.

  3. Tim Pilling says

    Co-op have also have country of origin clearly written on all their own brand items.

  4. We buy our meat from our local butcher Phil Smith in Trallwn and our fruit and veg from Mary’s in Ynysybwl. Shop local, use it or lose it……

  5. I absolutely love your blog and what you are doing and achieving. I sent you message re rapeseed oil supplier some weeks ago altho I knew you already had one. I too endorse your supermarket stance but would just like to say…I am disabled and live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and only get out once a month if I’m lucky. My laptop is my life – to do my shopping, friends etc. So, unfortunately I can’t do all British but I have embraced some of the websites you suggest and they are great. I wish you so much luck with your project and look forward to your daily blogs with great enthusiasm and pleasure. I’m hoping you may change some perspectives here – good luck Bradshaws!!!

  6. If everyone did as you are doing the supermarkets would go out of business. They’re only as big as they are because we as a nation have allowed and enabled them to do so. I fully agree with your suggestion that they sucker us in to buying more than we need.

  7. The trap is set if you only go in for a bottle of milk, have you noticed that it is always at the back, beyond the non essentials, just a ploy like the sweets at the till.

  8. I love the idea of avoiding supermarkets but my daughter has coeliac disease (wheat/gluten intolerance so I’m a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to find her gluten free products elsewhere. Any suggestion please?


    • We are not necessarily avoiding the supermarkets but have found them to not be very helpful when trying to buy British. I’m afraid I don’t know much about gluten free products so I couldn’t instantly guide you to where you would find the ingredients elsewhere. I would assume that you could get things in a health food shop but I would think that you may as well then get them more conveniently at the supermarket. I am sorry to not be more help and I hope that you find what you are looking for.
      Best regards,


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