We Need Urgent Help!

littleblackbook2 weeks ago we opened the application for submissions to our British Family Fayre (http://www.britishfamilyfayre.co.uk/exhibiting/) but at the moment we are really nervous that we may not be able to pull the fayre off. We will be honest with you and say that while we have some fantastic manufacturers signed up they are very few in number. We have big national names saying that they are interested in being involved – think Triumph motorcycles, Waitrose, Stoves (Glen Dimplex Group), Lush cosmetics and Yeo Valley. We also have BBC TV lined up to attend on the day as well as promotion with BBC radio 4 and a number of national newspapers. However, unless we get significantly more business signed up over the next few weeks sadly we will not be able to go ahead with the fayre.

We truly believe that this event could be a phenomenal PR opportunity for any business that is involved both on the day and in the lead up to it, but more importantly it has the potential to make a real difference to British manufacturing. This is the reason that a normal British family is putting themselves on the line and exhausting every waking hour, for no financial compensation, trying to show off what is still ‘Great’ about British manufacturing. We have become more and more passionate about trying to do anything we can to help those who still manufacture and produce in the UK but now we need your help. We need you to spread the word by tapping the power of your little black book!

Do you know:

  • Anyone in the media that can help publicise the event? 
  • Anyone at PR agencies that might have clients interested in the event?
  • Any manufactures that are proud to make in Britain?

If so, please call them and get them to get in touch with us http://britishfamily.co.uk/contact-us/

Most importantly: If you are a British manufacturer or a producer, with a business large or small, please help a family sleep at night by following the link at the top of the post and applying today! 

We really really want to make this fayre a success but we can only do so with the help of the manufacturers and producers themselves.




  1. Hi both,
    Have shared this on Kimwetu FB page. Hope it helps – you’re doing a fantastic job (mentioned you on the Kimwetu News Blog too). Kate Hills on Make it British is brilliant and may have some useful contacts? Dominic.

  2. Hi James & Emily (and thanks for the compliment Dominic!)
    I’ll put a call out again for you on Twitter/Facebook tomorrow.I’m sure we can drum up some more companies.

  3. jacqui says

    Have you been in touch with Mary Portas?

  4. On Twitter, use the hashtags #prrequest and #journorequest. Journalists and PR people have searches running on those terms, so might help with publicity. Good luck!

  5. I’ll try and promote your event in the Worcestershire/Herefordshire area. I also know a few folk at our local radio station, so I’ll pop an email across to them too.

  6. I have contacted the Editor of Great British Food magazine – hopefully they will be able to help!

  7. Jenny jemison says

    I have shared on facebook, other than that I have no connections. really wish you well.

  8. I will share on facebook and twitter. I’m wondering if the clash with Jamie Oliver’s Big Festival isn’t helping. Is there any possibility of changing the dates?? Just a thought. Alison (Brit Chic). I really think that the Fayre would be an amazing event.

  9. We may be interested in joining in. Will look at the link tomorrow when on the PC.

  10. my facebook call has come up with this idea – might be worth touching base with them – https://www.facebook.com/sendinthetroops

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