421 manufacturers have downloaded our Made in Britain logo in 1st week

MADE_IN_BRITAIN_long_web_600x143Last week we launched our range of made in Britain logos for manufacturers to download for free. We stuck them on our website, without much fanfare, hoping that one or two businesses might find them useful. Since last Wednesday these resources have been downloaded 421 times (so far)!

As you can imagine, we are overwhelmed by the response from industry and the obvious need this logo fulfils. It is clear that the message is getting through… it is a good idea to clearly mark your products as made in Britain.

We have started seeing a small number of websites that now carry the logo but we are really looking forward to seeing it on packaging. I am sure that the first product we get shown proudly displaying the marque will be worthy  of a blog post on this very site.

– James & Emily Bradshaw

If you are a British manufacturer please spread the word of these resources being available through social media, your website/blog or even just call your friends. 

The made in Britain logo resources can be downloaded here>>>


  1. Having changed out literature, website and packaging 3 times now from the Stoves one to the dad’s Army one and now this one, can I cordially request you STOP CHANGING IT JAMES 🙂

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    • Thanks Eddie. Basically we suggest your use whatever logo you wish. As long as your products are marked clearly it does not matter which logo you use!

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  2. Vince Thompson says

    Great news James & Emily !

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