A British Christmas in March? – Another Crazy Idea …

As if we have not got enough on, we have had another idea to promote British products… this time focusing on Christmas 2013.


The current embryo of an idea is currently rattling around Bradshaw towers which takes its inspiration directly from our blog commenter and our Twitter followers. What if there was a shop dedicated to just British products?

Now, we are not about to give up work and open a shop but what about a temporary pop-up shop dedicated to British goods?

So here’s the plan: to set up a pop-up shop the weekend before Christmas that is stocked to the brim entirely with British products. And where better to have this store but the world famous Carnaby Street?

We this is still very early days but it is the sort of thing that must be organised early so, we have been in touch with Carnaby Street to register our interest and will keep you updated. 

If you like the sound of it let us know. Would you visit and by British this Christmas?

[aside: we must be totally crazy to be doing all this!]



  1. Splendid idea and i would be very supportive. Buying all the items you want to sell in at Trade could be tricky but lots of people on Twitter with businesses you could approach…i will have my shoes by then (all British made, none of this pretend stuff about) and would be happy to supply you if thought appropriate. I would visit anyway regardless.

  2. Jenny jemison says

    Well something has to be done, but I can’t see that I would want to travel to Carnaby St from Essex, especially just before Christmas. Would it not be more beneficial eventually to try to establish more local pockets of people with like minded ideas, throughout the country who could plan towards Christmas in the way that you are doing? there are local farmers shops in places that could possibly be encouraged to join your plan. We were able last year to buy from a local rare breeds farm shop
    There does seem to be a slow growing groundswell of interest in local food. Sorry I sound a bit incoherent. Love what you are doing.

  3. You might want to get in touch with London retailers who sell only UK products, such as The Wine Pantry, to see if they can give you some pointers.

  4. I think its a great start in the right direction and why not start in the capital.I live in Essex creating all my handmade products in the UK and it only takes me 45 mins on the train to Oxford street to get my trims etc.If other counties want to follow suit , it can only be a bonus and get the ball rolling.Sometimes, some of the craziest ideas and dreams become a reality.Go for it !

  5. Yes, but not the weekend before Christmas – far too close to the event! Perhaps the last weekend in November, by which time the Christmas lights are switched on?

  6. Thats spooky! I had the very same thought today!! I think we should also restart the “Buy British campaign”.

  7. Debs:) says

    Love this idea, I’d come visit and support! 🙂

  8. jacqui says

    Love what your doing and this idea. How about getting a British chain store involved for say “A British Christmas Weekend” then we could go nationwide. Have to be quick though, they will making plans now.

  9. Fab idea ! I agree with Jo about having it slightly earlier and I also like the idea of supporting a local Buy British Weekend to coincide with your London one. Not everyone will be able to travel to London and you may not find a shop big enough to house all the British-made goodies anyway.

    Have you seen “Things British”, in Carnaby St ? http://bit.ly/15gCNJz

  10. Much needed… as a Maker, I know the week before Christmas is far too late, most peope are sorted by then and only looking for stocking fillers. November is the time to do it and if there is a website linked UK Makers will have follow up sales as plenty of folk don’t buy on impulse…as a consumer, I pledged to only support British Makers last Christmas but it needed time to plan & find suitable gifts and even then some labelling was misleading, best buys were direct from Makers.
    Rolling it out in different areas under one umbrella would allow more people to get involved and have more lasting effect – though a larger project – but only having something in London is only good for those who can reach it easily…..
    I have experience organising successful local pop up Artist/Maker exhibitions and also running a gallery of British Makers…and have long been thinking of organising ‘buy local’ weekends (don’t underestimate the amount of work involved)..if you want help do get in touch…

  11. Excellent idea, as a manufacturer we would be delighted to supply you at Trade prices.
    As it’s a pop up we will even do it on SOR if that helps.
    Good luck with it.

  12. I’ve just dropped James an email about this.
    It’s a great idea that could be run as a ‘countrywide project’.
    That way, the good message to ‘Buy British Manufactured Products’ will be spread far and wide,rather than solely focused in the capital city.
    I would be more than happy to run a ‘pop-up shop’ based in Worcestershire.

  13. Without question, well worth supporting you!

  14. Nicola Karn says

    Maybe one shop in every town centre run by your followers, we run it for you in our local town centre. Getting in local staff. I would also be interested in running a ‘pop-up shop’ in the run up to Christmas. We have plenty of local empty shops due to the recession. I don’t see that changing in a few months. Employ local people that have been out of work for a while, give something back to them. Quite a few shops in our area pop-up in the run up to Christmas then disappear after Christmas. I can also help you with promotional items as i’m a Graphic Designer, All that would be needed is the same design but the adverts / leaflets changing according to the location of the shop. Easy enough to do once the template is made. I’ll email you too.

  15. Love the idea and great for publicity. Personally I would like to see a market type sale with traders having their own stalls and with parking close by. But good luck whatever you decide to do. 🙂

  16. We already have one! A pop-up shop exclusively for British manufacturers and craftspeople in Stow-on-the-Wold! Brought to life because we are passionate about British made and found many local people not able to connect with the retail public because of high costs and terms. Yes it involved a lot of hard work but SO worth it! The response has been amazing and we hope with support from like-minded people to be able to put on a year round event with local and British craftspeople. So, near or far, if you’re in or just visiting the Cotswolds take a look. We truly want to help, so come on, lets all support each other! We are PUG on the Square and would definitely visit and support the Carnaby idea or any others that help promote British products.

  17. A love your message Nicola. I bet the country is full of people like you who would be keen to help the project overall. As said previously, I am also interested in opening a shop in my locality, but I can also assist more generally if required, as I am an accountant.
    Clare, I also like your message, but don’t you think it sounds too similar to a ‘Farmers Market’?

  18. Is there anybody out there who live in Northampton area who would be prepared to share the responsibility of opening a pop up shop locally to support the buy british effort?

  19. Steveo says

    I live in Worcestershire Charlotte, or I would have said yes.
    I’m going to have a go at doing it myself, but if there’s anyone in the Malvern area who would like to help, then please let me know……..my wife thinks I’m going ‘nuts’!!
    But still, I can really see this project snowballing!
    (‘scuse the pun, especially with the current forecast!!).

  20. Colleen says

    Please, please, please set up a “Buy British” website with links to all British made Christmas goods from September onwards, as not everyone can make it to London

    • Good idea. We will try to list some great Christmas items on our website. Also we have a number of people following us that are every keen to set up their own pop-up shops. You never know, one might be close to you.

  21. A lot of brilliant ideas here, good to see so much support for buying british, i’ll try to make it to carnaby but 6 hrs away by train is a long way to go lol. Either way i’ll be buying british this christmas.

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