A British Family Book… oh, go on then!

heartSince day one of our project to buy only British many people have asked us if we were doing it because we had a book deal. We have to admit that, naive as it may sound, it never crossed our minds. However, we are now at a point where we have so much knowledge to share and new skills learnt that perhaps it is not such a crazy idea?!

We have had an opportunity recently to speak to a few people interested in making a British Family book a reality and while we are a long way from having a publishing deal, we have hit the typewriter. In fact we have written a synopsis, a first chapter and just about planned the rest of it. Not bad for 2 weeks work!

The book essentially explores what British manufacturing and farming is now using historical references, practical guides and recipes. It is basically the sort of book that we would like to buy and read… whether anyone else will be interested is a different matter.

So, the next stage of this process is getting a publisher interested. I suspect that the odds are against us with this but it is becoming apparent that one family with enough passion can do just about anything. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, we will keep you updated as to the progress of this monsterpiece… and should it ever see the light of day we will dedicate it to you. 😉

– James & Emily


  1. Will follow this with interest as I too have been penning a book about my ups and downs as a UK entrepreneur especially my time on Dragons Den and the Follow up show. Keep in touch and perhaps you British Publisher can publish two books 🙂 Bet a few Dragons are sweating now and I get another legal letter from the BBC – hehe

  2. Would be interesting if you or Make-it-British or Biz could/would compile a list of things that we don’t currently make in Britain – but could Make-in-Britain. Suspect some folks don’t realise the extent of things that we import that could be made here – cost effectively. Just (another) thought for you……..

  3. Darren Woodiwiss says

    Lets hope that it gets printed in the UK too. There is Green Books who I think publish in the UK as well as the double whammy of being ethical!

    Oh, an mark me down for a copy!

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