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Today was a very exciting day for us as today we did our first bit of official anything. The excitement centred around a small village in Kent called Cobham. It was here that an exciting new food festival called Munchies on the Meadow. We had been asked a month or so ago by the organisers Matt and Anthony if we would come along and open the fair for them. This was quite a surprise for us and a huge honour as it is not like we have any celebrity status or anything. We happily accepted the task and got ready for a brilliant weekend.

The day started really bright with a few spots of rain in the air. We headed out towards Cobham ready for a Munchie day. We arrived rather early and so went into the beautiful convenience store in the village which was a proper throw back to how stores might have been 50 years ago, with fresh bread out on display and local wares being shown off. After this we met up with Anthony and Matt and went into the fair to see some of the suppliers before we had to attend to our ‘official’ business. There was a great range of stalls that smelt and looked fabulous. We met up with some of the businesses that we have chatted to through Twitter and suddenly it was midday and time to open the fair.

I must admit, my speech was not very long and Lucan was rather eager to join in the action, but ‘with no further ado the show was open’. I could then relax and enjoy the day in the sun. James and some friends of ours decided that the Howards of Kent stall was the first one to visit. With the multicolour and many flavoured vodkas he was soon having a great time sampling and chatting.

Next up it was on to Big Tree Cider to taste some of Kent’s finest cider. This is was real cider with no added bubbles, sugar, yeast or preservatives. It was very strong in flavour and a superb use of Kentish apples.

chilitempOnward towards the Kent Chilli stand and wow what a chilli range they have! We bought some chilli chutney (the medium one) and it does this pack a flavour punch, not to mention the chilli one. They are even growing a chilli twice as hot as the infamous ghost chilli. The ghost chilli measures 1 million on the Scoville Scale and this new chilli will be 2 million! That’s a lot of water to quench that heat! Maybe a Chilli challenge is in order for the upcoming British Family Fayre?

There were so many amazing producers there that to name them all would require a mammoth post but all the stalls seemed to be having a great day and there was more than one very light car making its way home at the end of the day. We would like to thank Matt and Anthony for putting together such a great event and obviously for doing us the honour of letting us be a part of it all. We are sure that Munchies on the Meadow will be a regular event from now and will continue to get bigger and better.

– Emily

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