A Truly British Shave

With work looming tomorrow, Tonight I decided to get rid of 2 weeks of beard growth and review my shaving routine for it’s Britishness. Thankfully, I scored pretty well. However, my shaving routine is a little unusual in this day and age. I lived a short time in Turkey and while there was taught to use a straight razor, so this is what I use on a regular basis. The unforeseen advantage of this is that my shaving stuff is already mostly British and should I need to replace it I would have little problem.

The straight razor I use is one that I got from Turkey about 10 years ago and is still going strong. It was about £3 and uses disposable blades, made by the very British Wilkinson Sword. My shaving cream and brush both come from Taylors of Bond Street and proudly made in the UK. I also use a Turkish Lemon aftershave which I bought about 5 years ago and has about 3 year’s worth of shaves left in the bottle.

In short: I am not going to have to grow a David Bellamy style beard in order to stick to our British Challenge.

– James




  1. Taylor’s of Old Bond Street. Excellent choice! Their Bay Rum Cologne is wonderful stuff. I have to restrain myself from turning into Barry Sheene whenever I get a bottle of it. “Oh, just splash it on all over ‘Enry!” 😀

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