AAA First British Failure

imagesWhen we started this project we were expecting that there would be things that we were going to just have to live without, simply because they are not manufactured in the UK. It would appear, we have found our first hole in British manufacturing. We are unable to get British made household batteries. We have spent 2 weeks scouring the net, researching companies and speaking directly to industry experts. Even our mighty Twitter followers have been stumped. We are now ready to call off the search and admit that there are simply no UK battery manufactures.

There is still a small glimmer of hope concerning rechargeable and perhaps even USB charging batteries (still doubtful) but as far as the humble AA’s and AAA’s are concerned the Bradshaw’s are having to go without.

It is possible to make very simple batteries, you might have even done this at school, but without using rather scary chemicals I am not sure we are ever going to get enough voltage to power anything more than a pocket calculator for a few minutes.

We are now rationing batteries in the Bradshaw house at the moment and I am conscious that I cannot remember ever changing the AAA’s in the TV remote. Under sods-law I can envisage those being the first to go ( I will let you know when we are at battery rubbing stage). 

– James


  1. Jo Cartwright says

    Remote control’s require less battery power so save the batteries from other items when they start to fail, e.g toys and they should still be able to power the remote.

  2. Nathan says

    You could go for these… expensive no doubt, but they might be able to help your quest

  3. Christine says

    The question follows as to how many of the things that you have which require batteries are things that you need. I have a computer and a radio so feel no need of a television. Now there is a challenge.

  4. julie vinsome says

    Can the TV be used without the remote? if so there is your answer. We have solar powered calculators and a windup radio and torch for camping. We have ditched the camera as it used up batteries by the ton and now use the iphone.

    So there is life without batteries:)

  5. Suzy batters says

    There used to be tvs without remotes as well…. You actually got out of your chair to turn it off!

  6. Possibly a business opportunity here, can we make affordable batteries in the UK that people would want to buy??

  7. Marek Ujma says

    What are the boundaries of your buy British? If it is that all things you consume must be made in Britain how do you deal with fuel for you car(s) for instance?

    • Hi this is a question we get asked every day. We even have a blog on it. Quick answer is BP and Merco.

  8. For something to become affordable peoe have to buy it in the vast quantities as foreign made goods. I agree though, remotes are non essential. Think outside the box!

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