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angry_geekBritish boffins are the best in the world… we all know that. However, if you ever have the misfortune of being on the wrong side of their genius (evil genius, if you will) then you, like us, will be quickly prompted into remedial action. This was the set of circumstances under which we recently found ourselves.

Long story short; our site (with a certain degree of self confessed irony) was hosted on foreign servers. This was because I originally plonked the site on an unused server which I had already paid for  and was a little loathed to pay out a second time. This, according to our own rules, was ok, but not to the geeks of the United Kingdom. They contacted us in their hundreds stating (quite rightly) that this was just not cricket!

So, a plea went out to find a truly British host to ‘please make these emails stop’. In step Namesco to our rescue. They undertook all of the technical work to move the site with little fuss and great tech support. As a result of their fantastic effort, today is now proudly hosted on British servers by a great British hosting company. Hoorah!

– James


  1. An added bonus (and a fantastic piece of self-promotion) would be if Namesco did all of this purely out of good will?
    (I shall await a response before commiting to FastHosts ~ A Gloucester based service provider!)

    • They certainly went above and beyond the call of duty for us. We needed a lot of tech support because we are not all that techy. They really delivered!

  2. Funny how you get a lot of self-righteous geeks/people complaining, when as you sensibly say, you used an unused server but paid for server, so saving your money for other things!

    Well done Namesco and glad to hear I use Fasthosts who are british too!

  3. Sara Moreton says

    This is so refreshing… well done..

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