In the pink!

We have done pretty well recently at finding all sorts of fun and unusual things to do with our glut of apples and pears. Twitter followers and those posting on the blog have been great at helping us to be inventive and make sure that we don’t get bored.

You can imagine then my delight at getting home tonight and finding that along with the fabulous produce that we always get from Kent Veg Box there was a glint of pink stalks hiding in the box with the apples and pears. The first rhubarb is upon us and I am so excited that a thousand recipes come to mind. Needless to say the first is a scrummy rhubarb crumble but with the inventiveness from the apples and pears still fresh in my mind, I wonder what else I could do with the beautiful pink stalks?? Watch this space and I’ll let you know 😉

– Emily8819897663518


  1. It’s great chopped, sprinkled with ginger, brown sugar and water then baked for 10-12 minutes. Serve with custard.

  2. Sounds delicious but sadly no brown sugar for us this year as it can’t be produced in the UK. I will store this for next year 🙂

  3. Just out of interest what size veg box/fruit box do you get from Kent veg box? Signed up myself for 3 week trial after seeing your blog

  4. If you still have some apples left you can make rhubarb jam. (you need apples for the pectin or it wont set)

  5. Jill Goodman says

    I used to eat it raw with sugar. Not too much though. Try stewing with a little water, sweetening an mix with plain yoghurt.

  6. How about making rhubrab wine? – may take a while but can squeeze it in this year? Though of course there are some great British wines now too.

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