The benefits of a British apple based diet

20140905_202515-1The British family have had a week of experiencing a mainly apple based diet. This is due to the recent gift of a crate of Zari apples from AC Goatham & Son and 50 or so bottles of Brogdale Juice  left over from the bar at the British Family Fayre.

I have personally eaten 4 apples per day everyday this week, washed down with 2-3 bottles of apple juice. The side effects of such a diet are somewhat alarming and perhaps not a subject matter that needs too much attention in this blog. Given the high concentration of apple related products consumed this week you might imagine that my tolerance for continued gluttony would be limited. However, I am of the option in this case that you cannot get too much of a good thing.

I suspect that many of you might never have heard of the Zari variety of apple. Indeed, I was also ignorant of them until our Fayre last weekend where AC Goatham were trying to entice the great British public into trying this little known fruit. The best way to describe a Zari apple is to think about all of the best bits of any apple you have ever eaten and roll it into one single fruit. They are tangy, crisp, juicy and even the perfect size. In short they are the ultimate apple.

AC Goatham are basically the only people growing these commercially in the UK. They have have 80 acres of the things across various sites and I believe that they currently stock Sainsbury’s (I am not sure about the other supermarkets  but I am sure they will let me know and I will add an addendum). I suspect that a Zari crumble or other such recipe is soon the be featured in this very blog. However, if you get a chance to try the Zari apple I really suggest you do.

Our apple adventures continued when we bought a huge stock of Brogdale juices for our bar at the Fayre this year including; apple, apple and rhubarb, pear and apple and blackcurrent. Brogdale were also there themselves on the day as part of our Market Place. It happens that we have a decent stock of bottles left over and so we are well and truly set for juice for the next 3 months or so. That being said, these juices are great especially the apple and rhubarb.

We are currently in the middle of the British apple season so please indulge yourself…. but don’t go overboard!

– James

A chart of which British apples are in season his here>>> 

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