A very British Family allotment

In the last month we have become very proud allotment holders. We have never had one before and the plot was covered with grass, rubble, black plastic and even a bit of asbestos!

With all hazards removed we roped my dad in to help us rotivate a small patch to use this year in the hope that we could cultivate a small amount at a time. Our 1st small patch was quickly filled with the pre-requisite strawberries, raspberries, red currents and blackcurrents down the outside edges of the plot. I also have a real love of fresh broad beans so having seen some fantastically grown local plants at the Westerham farmers market last weekend at a bargain 12 plants for £2, I bought up 3 trays and in they went next to the raspberries.

Anyone who asks will know I am a bit of a bargain hunter and so seeing the distinctive red reduction label on some onion sets in Waitrose a few weeks ago was more than I could pass on. These have gone in on the other side of the plot next to the strawberries as I am sure I remember my grandad say that the smell of the onions keeps the bugs off the strawberries. To fill the last few gaps there are leeks, carrots and soon there will be celeriac.

I really thought when we first rotivated the patch that it was so huge we would never fill it and yet, in less than a weekend, it was full to bursting and ready to grow. Plot two is now being dug over ready to take the peas and runner beans that are hibernating in the greenhouse and from there well I will have to see what gets going well.

I will admit that there is not much in the way of planning going on this year, it is mostly just about getting the most from the land that we can with the growing season well under way. I am hoping that in the autumn when the plants going in at the moment are pretty much done that I can look over the plot and plan more properly for next year, however for the mean time the family allotment site is ever expanding and (apart from a few nibbles by passing bunnies) growing well.

This is the first section of our new allotment

This is the first section of our new allotment

– Emily

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