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291 (1)It is not often that that our Twitter and Facebook following do not come up trumps in helping us find British made products quickly. However, when we put a call our for a UK made padlock this had our 6000+ community stumped.

I am a little paranoid about my 6 month old British built Triumph Explorer motorcycle going walkies. While we do not live in a high crime area and it is kept in a safe location with a disk lock it does not stop those nagging concerns. So, I decided to take take preventative action.

Almax make heavy duty security chains ( and I was made aware of these guys some months ago, but a chain is useless without some means of securing it. After some independent research and a few phone calls I came up trumps. Banham make a number of their heavy duty locks here in the UK and they are rather helpfully stamped “MADE IN BRITAIN”.

However, it would seem that there is still a pretty healthy number of lock makers still out there including: Reece, B&G and Squire.

The Almax chain and the Banham P2005 padlock, in combination, are likely to be a fantastic deterrent to even the most determined thief but at a total cost close to £200 it is not a cheap solution.

– James


  1. £200 might not be cheap for decent quality locks, but it’s a lot cheaper than having to replace an expensive motorcycle! A thief will have an extremely hard time trying to get through a Banham lock … good choice!

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