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It is interesting how the media attention towards our project to only buy British seems to come in waves, and it feels like we are bang in the centre of another press maelstrom. We are constantly surprised by the level of attention but, what is more, we have struggled to  keep a our wardrobe looking fresh. The cost of buying British clothes means that we are generally wearing the same stuff in most of the TV and newspapers we do.

Anyway, we thought it would be nice to talk you through our ensemble as featured in The Sunday Times this past weekend:


Jumper – Liv

Skirt – Home made by Emily

Shoes (not pictured) – Yull


Top – Henry Hunt base layer

Trousers – These are not British made. Basically, we are struggling to find/afford British made trousers.

Belt (not pictured)- Made by James

Shoes (not pictured)- Barker leather slip-ons

Socks (not pictured) – Marko Johns

Underpants (mercifully not pictured) – Cahoonas


Top – Fieldlife long sleeve T-shirt

Shorts – Alpha Betty

Shoes – Daisy Roots Union Jack slippers

If you missed the piece in the Sunday Times you can read it (and our other press) on our press page here.


  1. Gordon Smith says

    It’s nice that you are getting publicity, also good to here some manufacturing is returning. The downside is the EU lending Ford £70 million to move Transit production to Turkey (I think that’s right), so I assume part of that money is given by Britain. CRAZY OR WHAT!

  2. Mike Withers says

    For everyday trousers I have a pair of these in navy blue and the shorts as well. They are great value and incredibly hard wearing.

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