An Olympic visit

About a week ago my mum offered me the chance to go with them to the Sainsbury’s Games Anniversary at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London. The chance to sit in such an amazing venue and watch a night of superb athletics, including the worlds fastest man, one year on from the incredible opening ceremony, was something that was not going to be turned down. So having said goodbye to two thirds of the British Family and left them to their boys night together I headed out with my mum, dad and sister towards Stratford. I was, I admit, rather worried that it would be hard to stick to our challenge in such a commercial environment especially when we were having dinner within the stadium. I needn’t have worried though as there was a super selection and one clearly signed van selling British burgers and sausages, so that one was for me. Sadly no British drinks even with the fantastic selection that we know is out there but my lovely dad bought me a drink so I didn’t feel left out 😀

The evening was spectacular and the athletics was amazing to watch but nothing really was going to beat the feeling of being in such a special place watching Usain Bolt disappearing down the 100m track.

A very special night and one that won’t be forgotten easily.

– Emily

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