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abacusWe have a little issue in the Bradshaw household in our quest to live totally British. Traditionally British brands like Cadbury, Weetabix, and Mini (amongst others) are still manufactured in the UK but their ownership is no longer in British hands. The question is where this falls on our Britishness scale?

These companies continue to give UK workers jobs, but the brands themselves have now have been swallowed up by bigger foreign companies. Should brands in this situation still be considered British enough for us to continue buying them as part of our project to only buy British goods and services?

This is a debate that we cannot resolve, so it is over to you. Based on the results of this poll we will either continue buying these goods or not. Thank you for your help!

Should we continue to buy these historical British brands?

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  1. I think if they are still manufacturing in Britain then you are still supporting British jobs by buying them.

  2. I agree with Ilona

  3. As above, it’s the same for things like Car’s so if they’re manufactured in the UK it’s fine.

  4. Only just spotted this post. I have voted in certain circumstances. My reasoning is this. If a fully British (owned and made) alternative exists then that would be my first choice. If not then I continue to buy from the original to support British jobs as long as the individual product is still made here.

  5. The only problem is these foreign owned companies are sucking their tax payments out of the country. In Boots case Unite and the charity War on Want claim that after private equity bosses borrowed £9billion to buy Boots in 2007 they used interest due on the huge debt to slash UK tax bills by 95%. That’s money that could be paying our pensions shortfall!

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