Flying a famous flag

Here we are with the Flying Colours flag!!!

You may be glad to know that our preparations for the British Family Fayre are hotting up. We are getting increasingly nervous that there is so much still to do but we are ultimately looking forward to it all. However, as if to make life a little more challenging for us, we also hope to raise some money for charity on the day. We have recently teamed up the The Prince’s Trust, a fantastic organisations that is celebrating 30 years this year supporting young entrepreneurs in Britain. This is obviously a charity that is very relevant to what we are doing and we are proud to be in a position to be able to support them.

One of the ideas that we had to raise funds for The Prince’s Trust was a charity auction. Through our call on twitter we already have 10 lots and some potentially very special items from one or two manufacturers. One idea that we did have was to get a Union Flag signed by some eminent business people, farmers and celebrities. The Princes Trust are even making enquiries with HRH himself to see is he will add his John Hancock… but this is a very long shot especially as he now has grandfatherly duties to deal with!

So as well as blogging, campaigning for British manufacturing,  organising an event for upwards of 5000 people, organising a charity auction and wrangling a 3 year old, we now have collecting signatures from the rich and famous.

As this point we must thank Andy at Flying Colours for his generous donation of a British made Union Flag on which we are to collect these signatures. Flying Colours are the royal warrant holders, so when you see a flag flying proudly on Buck-house, chances are that it is made by these guys. So we certainly have a good base on which to start our collecting… just one problem… we have not got a clue where to start on this one.

Besides HRH we would love to have Jamie Oliver, Mary Portas, Sir Alan Sugar, David Cameron, Boris Johnson – generally people like that come and sign our flag so that we can auction it off and raise a good amount for this great charity.

Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated. Also any further ideas of who we might get to sign would be great.

And if we do not ask enough of you: if any British manufacturers read this, we are looking for more product donations to add to our auction. Your donations will be listed on our website and be auctioned off on the 31st August to raise money for The Princes Trust. Please get in contact.

The Bradshaws




  1. Suzy batters says

    Kent tourism have a special events link on their website. Could you spread the word this way?

  2. How about Dame Kelly Holmes? She is always very supportive of events here in her home town of Hildenborough, Kent.

  3. Rather than have all the signatures on one flag, why not have one signature per flag??

  4. Paul Macartney???

  5. Gordon Smith says

    I’ve just seen an advertisement for fine china being sold to commemorate the new baby prince. It says “all the collections offered by Goviers are hand made in the UK”. email 01395 578201

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