Fresh British Fruit & Veg

Our table groaning with British produce!

We recently found that we could not get the variety of fruit and vegetables that we would like from the supermarkets and while often clearly labeled it is still a chore. So, we recently signed up for a local produce delivery service called  Kent Veg Box. Our first delivery came today. The produce is all fresh, totally seasonal and best of all local.

The only issue that we have is that the only fruit we can get at the moment are apples and pears. We have been promised rhubarb in 2 weeks time so I see a crumble on the cards.

To take advantage of the freshness of this stuff I got creative with another recent purchase – British spelt! I made a fantastic speltotto with leeks and carrots. I also added some ham, found in the deepest recesses of the fridge, and some chedder.

If you are beginning to feel hungry here is a large image of the resulting feast – I know, I am terrible!

British veg & ham speltotto


– James


  1. Vic Thomas says

    I always laugh at Belgian Chocolate ,Swiss Chocolate…there are no cocoa trees in Brussels ,Bruges,Bern or Basle so it’s about the processing ,I have started buying Montezuma products ,made in Sussex,so that’s the chocolate sorted out!

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