Nothing more British than a cuppa!

I am not a great tea drinker. In fact hot drinks as a rule are things that I tend to stay clear of. I am not going to go into the complete ins-and-outs of why this is, but I see hot drinks generally as a bit of a faf. This standpoint often singles me out for ridicule in British society, so it is not something I readily admit to. However, Emily does like a good cuppa and especially relishes a dark cup of Twining Earl Grey.

Unfortunately for Emily, and rather surprisingly, Twinings is now about as British as Kielbasa Sausage. Twinings have recently moved all of their manufacturing facilities from the UK to Poland. It is also worth mentioning that this move was not without controversy and the cloud under which this move took place might make many reconsider buying their Tea anyway. Unsurprisingly it was somewhat of a revelation to Emily that she could no longer indulge in a quick cup of her favourite char.Earl-Grey

Either way, tea is grown in China right? So, we are never going to find a truly British cup of Tea, correct? Well, perhaps not…

While recoiling from the news that she is going to have to give up her Tea drinking, she began scouring the internet for a solution. Thankfully Twitter, once again, came to her aid. The Tregothnan Estate, rather incredibly, has its own tea plantation in the heart of sunny Cornwall! They are the first, and currently the only, truly British tea producers in the country, having begun selling their home-grown teas 8 years ago.

Needless to say, Emily was quick to put in her order if for their Earl Grey and we will give a review when we receive it.

–       James

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