Joules: Boldly British or Brazen Bluff?

BjuvwWUIcAA8k9nThere is a bit of controversy on Twitter at the moment surrounding high street fashion label Joules and their use of the tagline ‘boldly British’. There seems to be general anger that this statement misleads the consumer into believing that the garment is made in UK. I would have to say that this could be true. Joules, I am sure, would say that they are aligning this statement with the design origin and not the place of manufacture. They might also likely be quick to point out that in the same picture it does state that the item is ‘Made in China’, like the vast majority of Joules clothing.

However, I feel that the size and style difference of the two typefaces used in both the ‘boldly British’ statement and the ‘made in China’ tag are likely to confuse the average consumer. Then couple this with phases like ‘fresh from the fields of Market Harborough’ (as opposed to the fields of Beijing) and the brands general overuse of the British flag, and associated themes, and you begin to see what people are not happy about. Jack Will is another brand which markets heavily based on shallow British provenance.

It has to be said that Joules make some great clothes that are well designed and in a style that Mrs B and I both appreciate, but it just isn’t British made and not confusion to the contrary should exist. Legally Joules are untouchable in the matter, but morally??

What do you think?

Made In Britain MarqueAs you may know I am on the board of the Made in GB campaign that has launched a logo that guarantees British manufacture when shown on a product.  This logo is set to become the recognised standard for British origin goods across the globe and will remove any instances of doubt for consumers. See more about this campaign here: www.

–          James


  1. Joules is a hollow brand … Integrity is lacking and at some point their fake britishness will bite the on the bum…

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  2. I have come across some of the same recently gala tent also try to mislead the public by stating made and designed in UK. When in fact 100% made in China. Its just wrong. Very misleading.

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  3. Trevor says

    Confusion, confusion, confusion . . .

    All we know is that this garment is Made in China – good or bad you decide.

    My first question would be, who actually made it? Joules’ website says “We manufacture in countries throughout the world . . . Joules has always had close working relationships with suppliers” This implies they have their own worldwide manufacturing sites where they make such garments, whilst they also purchase items from suppliers, so we are none-the-wiser as to who made the item.

    My second questions is, what does “Boldly British” actually mean? Maybe “Boldly British” is a design style, or maybe “Boldly British” is descriptive of Joules’ brand values. So it could be that the garment’s design has just been inspired by the fields of Market Harborough and whilst this design remains fresh it has been manufactured at Joules’ site in China or bought from a Chinese supplier.

    A final thought, maybe there is a “General Drapers, Clothiers and Dressmaker” called Joules that’s in a field in the vicinity of Market Harborough and they are busy shipping in garments from China?

    You can’t get away from the fact that the label is confusing and reminds me of beef burgers made from horse.

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  4. Joanna Barker says

    Thanks very much for this information. I am starting to only buy goods that are made in Britian or Europe wherever possible. I will not eat in a restaurant that imports meat from Thailand like Pizza Express for example.

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    • Eileen Barton-Smith says

      At last I am sure these clothes are made in China. I have purchased a lot of Joules clothes but not any more! I have again seen evidence of China’s cruelty to animals so that’s it I am finished with Joules.

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