Video: British Black Garlic – Our first taste

This video has since been removed.

In our continued effort to find all things made, grown and produced in the UK we came across something that neither of us had heard of before… Black Garlic. This particular garlic was kindly provided for us to try by The South West Garlic Farm in Dorset. They were a little reluctant to give me the very secret recipe, as you might imagine, and we had very little idea of what to expect from black garlic over regular garlic.

This video features Emily and I cooking up a simple mushroom toast dish with the black garlic as an experiment of how we might use it in the future. Our findings? Inconclusive, but the flavour is like nothing we have ever tasted before. Complex is about as much as I was can say about it. Some words that come to mind are: sweet, savoury, meaty, soy, balsamic, Bisto, smokey.

Basically, you have to try it… and when you do please let us know how you use it.

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  1. Pan’s looking good… 🙂 Got to try the garlic, just to see what it’s like

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