Rip Off Britain – BBC One tomorrow

p01trj64It is with some trepidation that we announce our featuring on the BBC One program Rip off Britain Food tomorrow at 11am. I say trepidation because, having watched a couple of the previous episodes in the run, I have some concerns that it is that it quite sensationalist program. I tend to come away thinking that some of their arguments are a little laboured in an effort rile the viewer.

We were obviously interviewed about our stance on buying British but we have not seen the edit and know very little about the issues they will present or how we will come across. What is worse it that neither Emily nor I will be around to watch it tomorrow so we will have to wait to watch in on demand in the evening.

However, we had a great day filming with Julia Somerville at our home here in Westerham and can only hope that we come across well. 

– James



    TV is all about making it “interesting” and “gripping” for the viewer, James……

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  2. My Dragons Den edit went from 150 minutes down to 8 ! – it also contained footage of the dragons saying things from other edits which simply didn’t happen. Having had my 15 minutes of fame I can only say that there is no such thing as bad publicity and intelligent people see through the distortions. Good luck and I will try to watch it today. We know what a great job you are doing and so will everybody else.

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  3. Just watching you on BBC1. Well done on managing to buy British for a whole year! Makes my blood boil how food manufacturers mislead us so much and seem to be after our money – pure and simple!

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  4. Hi Mari – Thanks for your feedback. We agree with your sentiment entirely. 😉

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