Keep calm and just give it a rest for a bit

don-t-keep-calm-is-boringYou can always rely on the BBC to come up with a though provoking debate and today we found a good one: The basic gist of this article is asking the question – has the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan begun to become a little annoying?

I put this question to our twitter followers who, almost without exception, agreed that over saturation has indeed ruined a once powerful message. It is something that I too had begun think, independently of the BBC article, after seeing far too much of this stuff around and finding that most of it is made in the Far East.

However, in the name of democracy we would like for you to have your say:

Has the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan become tiresome?

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  1. If there was any sincerity in the message today I wouldn’t mind but after reading that people have bought up council flats as an investment, and to read that big corporations don’t actually pay tax , I really had enough. I remember that Cameron wanted to revive the ‘Bulldog spirit’ after the London riots and thinking how insincere he sounded. I think what you are doing is great as it highlights so much of what has been sacrificed in the uk for profit.

  2. Very seldom do you actually see the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan as there are so many variations. I also strongly suspect that the high volume items carrying this theme are not predominantly UK manufactured.

  3. I’ve never much liked it. Given the original use of the poster (and thankfully it was never used for what it was intended), I find any use of it to be cheap. It pretty much sums up the disposable tat that we seem to be good at buying. Sorry.

  4. I can’t stand it anymore. I even advised a campaign I was working with to stop using it on the basis that they may actually put some people off. I don’t know whether they changed it – they seemed pretty convinced that it was lovely and popular and everyone would love them for it. Wrong.

  5. So pleased we didn’t run with the keep calm & buy tinyeco baby bibs then. The trouble is that whenever anything is brought in to signify British made, someone always has to make it mean less.

  6. lornaperks says

    I personally have had enough of this slogan being overused for various promotions etc. What I do believe is that some people really love it and I know that its one of the top sellering posters at my friends market stall. If people are buying it then good for them. Must say it makes me cringe when I see used in business and I avoid it.

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