A Truly British Celebration


The perfect place for a party!

One of the things that we have been thinking about doing for a while is putting on an event with the sole intention of simply celebrating what we can still produce as a country. A party that would not be anti-anything or lament the past but be forward thinking and optimistic. This week we have taken a rather large step to achieving that goal.

Firstly, we have submitted a proposal to our local council requesting the use of our village green, and surrounding fields, to host an event to which we will invite the best of British manufacturing, production and farming. We got some initial feedback to our proposal yesterday and the noises we heard were very positive. We are still in the very early stages of getting this passed but we are happy that there seems to be some willingness from their end.

Secondly, we put a form on our website in an effort to try and get an idea as to whether there was an appetite for such an event from businesses.  We hoped to get 50 companies to register their interest before the 18th March, when there should be a council meeting to decide our fate. Also, the last thing that we wanted to happen was to put in a load of effort and then find that nobody really wanted to come. It looks like there was no need to worry! We got our 50 businesses signed up within 24 hours and as of today (3 days later) we are at about 100. It is also worth mentioning that a great proportion of these early supporters are very well known British brands who, despite their size, still feel passionate about being truly British.

As a family we are still a little overwhelmed by the support that we have received, but we are perhaps finally starting to believe that one normal British family can perhaps make a difference. Imagine what we could achieve as a collective if we had 100 families, 1000 families, dare it say…. 10,000 families all celebrating what Great Britain can still produce.

What a party that would be… and you are all invited!

To find out more about our plans see here.



  1. Rosa Garrett says

    I love reading your blog! The only blog I have ever read – I am really old!
    Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more….
    PS Falcon make really nice casserole dishes/plates/mugs made in Britain enamaled steel not too expensive.

    • Rosa – thank you so much for your sweet comments. Your support is very much appreciated. X

    • I’m really young and this is the only blog I have ever read! The writing is great, by both of you, and of course the subject of British manufacturing is fascinating. Let’s hope the right people sit up and take notice.

      Great initiative with the event by the way. Good luck with the planning!

  2. ooh, hope I can come along and support our wonderful producers – I’m proud to be British! xx

  3. Unfortunately Falcon enamelware is no longer made in Britain… 🙁

  4. julia hodgkinson says

    I love the idea of a party, but isn’t there a danger of overwhelming attendance? Although if you know in advance of estimated numbers, that will help, and I presume anything promoted by ‘celebs’ ie Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall gets more attention. Just hope the council is willing to join in. Don’t mean to sound gloomy, it is a very good idea, as is your venture

  5. Absolutely fully behind this campaign and this Truly British Event! Looking forward to attending this event whether as a visiting supporter or as an assistand to my British Engineering Manufacturing friend!
    Your council will be foolish if they can’t see the benfit to their community such an event will have.
    If I may comment – surely a full weekend would suit better that one afternoon/evening? For many many reasons….

    Exciting stuff!

  6. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Triumph stall!
    (If they haven’t subscribed they srely should!)

  7. Love it! Don’t give up, keep on trying, there is always a way. Farm markets? Farm shops. An idea regarding light bulbs. Perhaps employ a glass blower? LED lights? Wind up phone charger at GO CAMPING, instead of batteries?

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