Marrows… get stuffed!


This marrow and mint quiche also looks like a winner.

When eating entirely seasonally, as we now do, it is great when the season changes and a new range of produce begins to hit the dinner plate. However, this initial enthusiasm, after weeks of eating the same sorts of stuff, begins to wear off. By the end of any one season we find that we are left with a glut of a particular ingredient that we have run out recipes and passion for. This is our current issue with marrows. Our larder currently heaves with these unwieldy vegetables – which seem to have a self life similar to the half life of plutonium. We cannot face throwing them away but adversely cannot  face another ratatouille, or taking out Big Yellow Storage for them. So the question is, what the heck can we do with these things? Answers on a postcard… or just in the comment box below.

We put a quick call out to Twitter and the winning answer so far was Marrow Rum. Check out the recipe here:





  1. Katherine says

    Marrow and ginger jam, well worth the effort of making. Also courgette and feta fritters, with lots of mint and a dash of chilli are delicious eaten fresh. Nigella has a recipe.

    • Gordon Smith says

      I’ve had stuffed marrow today. Cut marrow in rings about 1 1/2″ thick, take out seeds and peal, fill middle with sausage meat, cook in oven for 1/2 hour, serve with steamed potatoes.

  2. Why not trade them for something else?

  3. Julie commented on A Truly British Family:

    Why not trade them for something else?

  4. Look for a local produce swap. We have one in October here in Devon.

  5. Zuccini bread is delicious if you have any cinnamon.

  6. Stewart Hughes, North Cornwall says

    Compost them, you are not wasting them as all the nutrients get re-cycled to be taken up by new fruit and vegetables next season.

  7. Soup. Peel if using a marrow, or leave unpeeled if courgettes with softer skin. Grate coarsely and cook gently with butter and salt in a covered pan. Lots of juice will come out. Add pepper and grated nutmeg (are you allowed those?!) and blitz- a stick blender is easiest. Voila! The best courgette soup ever. Even my husband likes it and he thinks courgettes and marrows are a waste of time… I’ve tried adding garlic and herbs etc to this recipe and the plain version is still the best.

    Grate and freeze it. Freeze in batches suitable for making courgette cake in the winter or add to stews, casseroles and mince dishes to extend the meat and add in another vegetable. (You can’t see it or taste it in the finished dish.)

    Roast in chunks with other root veg.

    Incidentally, marrow rum is fun to make, but it really does attract the wasps…

  8. We add marrow to a vegetable curry.

  9. Mix with apples to make apple sauce to go with your roast pork or apple pies and crumbles. I did this one year when I didn’t have many apples but plenty of marrows.And no-one in the family noticed.

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