Pillow talk – at John Lewis

We have generally struggled with buying linens made in the UK. Things like towels, bedsheets and duvet covers are things which we simply have not found yet as part of our project to survive on only British made goods. We have obviously survived well on our existing stock but they are admittedly getting a little beyond their use-by date. While this search continues imagine my surprise when I found British made pillows in our local Waitrose! I must admit that I would not normally have even bothered to check them out, assuming  that they would have been made in Turkey, Bangladesh or alike. However, while passing, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the Union Flag on the packaging. Intrigued I picked them up and sure enough – Made in the UK was proudly printed thereon. This, for us, would have been enough to make the purchase but at only £15 per pair of pillows there was little doubt they were going to bed with me tonight 😉

We keep saying this, and I am sure that it is getting to the point were you think they are paying us, but Waitrose never cease to amaze us with their genuine effort to buy British. Where many other stores talk the talk and put out their guff press releases extolling the virtues of their buy British policies, Waitrose just quietly gets on with it.

– Emily

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  1. Allen Hanley says


    I understand that Lancashire Textiles manufacture their products at their factory in Burnley.


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    • This is a really good find… and all priced really well too!! Thanks very much

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  2. Waitrose is by far the best supermarket in the UK (part of John Lewis Partnership so owned by it’s staff) but it ain’t cheap!

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    • Depends what you’re buying.

      For starters, meat isn’t noticeably differently priced to any other supermarket (can be cheaper, tho’ butchers’ shops normally undercut all of them for the same quality), and secondly it’s hardly a secret that the price vs quality balance is massively in favour of Waitrose over the godawful likes of Tesco, Sainsbury, etc..

      I’d far rather buy produce for slightly more money which is ripe / edible at the point of purchase and lasts for some time, rather than cheaper, unready, & passes straight through to rotten due to its inappropriate harvest date.

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  3. Some of the towels on this website are UK made: http://www.towelcompany.co.uk/store/luxury-towels/cat_1/

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  4. You’re right – there seem to be loads of cushions but few bed sheets. There are a few companies that are listed on the made-in-the-UK Kimwetu website. There’s the appropriately names Between the Sheets in Wiltshire and Brownlow Linens (from Northern Ireland). If you hear of any more let me know!

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  5. Try http://www.thewoolroom.com/bedding-bed-linen.irc. Based in Harrogate..

    ..they state ‘Here at The Wool Room™ we passionately believe in wool and its amazing characteristics, and we have a mission to change the way that the world sees and experiences wool products! ‘

    Started by a group of farmers in Yorkshire. Unfortunately the linen is egyptian cotton but the woollen products are all British, we invested in woollen bedding recently and it’s true you a better nights sleep!

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