Poll: How committed to manufacturing is government really?

We have said all along that our project to promote British industry is not one motivated by politics, and that is still the case. However, there is obviously a big elephant in the room every time the idea of British manufacturing is bought up – What is the government really doing to help?

We obviously have our own thoughts on the subject but it would be unfair to discuss those without getting your views first. So here is your chance to have your say:

How committed to helping manufacturing do you feel the British government are currently?

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  1. It is possible that some things the government are doing are useful to large companies, but for those of us operating with fewer than 5 members of staff, there really isn’t anything. What is needed is help with funding to grow – that is serious business support from people with a proper understanding of the sector you operate in. Whatever it is that has replaced business link is utterly hopeless.

  2. Someone seems to think that “foreign investment” means allowing foreign companies to purchase UK companies. I’d love to see a study on how well tat works in the long term. It seems most foreign companies are only after the technical know-how and/or brand name for market share, and don’t actually want to manufacture here long term.

  3. The problem with government (any party) seems to be that they contradict themselves so often, one department or minister saying one thing while a different bit of government does the exact opposite (sometimes the same dept. or individual!) Another problem they have is their obsession with high value manufacturing. Here is an interesting article on that. http://www.theengineer.co.uk/in-depth/interviews/ebac-founder-john-elliott/1017460.article
    The government should be clear, they are elected by the British people to do the best they can for the British people. Yes compromises are sometimes necessary, but some decisions they make seem quite frankly barmy!
    PS The Regional Development Fund made to Ebac to re establish washing machine manufacture in the UK was just £1 million (=200 new jobs). Just about the best bit of targetted government spending I can remember, and one which they should really be taking as a blueprint for the future.

  4. I’d say they want to be perceived to be helping but are ineffective. I’m not sure the genuine will to actually help is there at all.

  5. Both this Government and the last appear to support German industry more than British.They buy German ambulances, German police cars, German Fire engines and German army lorries. Millions of pounds worth of tax payers money is spent in Germany when it should be spent here.

  6. My real feelings are pretty much unprintable, but I agree with most of the above – what frustrates me is that the people employed by Business Gateway (how many times has this Gov body changed its name?) are not in any way qualified to help the small business get going or expand – this may be due to the fact that most have no relevant experience or training ability!
    There should be monthly seminars with all new starters and expanders learning from experienced business people who have got the T-Shirt.

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