Ebac -v- Dyson… seconds out!

boxing-gloves-businessmanI have just read a wonderful article in The Engineer about John Elliott, the founder of Ebac, which describes him as the Anti-Dyson. This is both a comical but astute comparison. If you wish to read the full article please do so here (you will not be disappointed):


We have had the opportunity to meet the man himself on a number of occasions, not least at our British Family Fayre event at which Ebac Ltd exhibited. He is, as described in the article “a straight-talking, no-nonsense northerner” and a wonderfully outspoken critic of the state of British manufacturing. He also has some suggestions to sort the issues with UK industry that are sometimes, well… out-there. However, I loved this comparison between Mr Elliott and Mr Dyson because there is a real truth to that.

John Elliot is all about making good quality but basic white-goods and selling them at a reasonable price. He makes his stuff in the UK, pays his staff a fair wage and his company makes a reasonable profit. James Dyson sells premium priced, design-led, products to British consumers that are made in the Far East at, what must be assumed, considerably more profit than had he paid British workers. Despite this Mr Dyson earlier this year, without any sense of irony, called for the UK government to do more to protect British manufacturing. Contrast this with the fact that Mr Elliott has recently given is business away to a foundation that protects the jobs of his employees forever. I know which of these two entrepreneurs I would rather listen to when it comes to sorting out British manufacturing.

The article closes by saying suggesting that British manufacturing would likely be far better off if there were more like John Elliott, and never a truer word was said.

– James


  1. Henry is the best vacuum cleaner,and made in uk!

  2. Another good comparison is with the Chris Duncan who owns Numatic (Henry Vacuum Cleaners). Located not far from Dyson he did not see the necessity to move manufacturing overseas, instead investing in the machinery to make virtually everything themselves. Like Ebac they have gone from strength to strength producing good quality value for money products. These are the type of men the government should be listening to if they are serious about manufacturing.

    Dyson does at least employ a lot of engineers, designers etc here in the UK, but Ebac and Numatic prove that he could and should still be manufacturing in the UK along with anyone who wishes to produce they type of goods.

  3. So true! So true! The technology is right here to make brilliant stuff in the UK – we just need to vote with our feet and insist on buying British!

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