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19FCC033-9543-4C33-9AD4C14E5E7B19D7This is a rather sensitive subject but here we go:

We fortunately found British made toilet roll early on, but did not realise how lucky we were. Waitrose own brand toilet roll (and kitchen rolls) are the only British made brand that we can find. Andrex, owned by American firm Kimberly-Clark, say on their packs “made in the UK and Europe”, which is not good enough for us and a little cryptic.

Life without this everyday essential would have been unthinkable. So, once again Waitrose have come to our rescue… but it does make me wonder (more than is healthy) who makes their toilet paper for them and do they produce for any other brand? If these questions begin to keep me up at night I might be forced to give Waitrose a call.



  1. There is a Kimberly Clark factory in Barrow who makes toilet paper. May be worth asking them the same question?

  2. There is a Kimberley Clark factory in Prudhoe in Northumberland if that helps, but I don’t know where the products go.

  3. Co-op own brand products always tell you the origin of the product. Try Co-op “Simply value” toilet tissue. Made in UK. FSC (forestry stewardship council) approved.
    A good quality tissue at an affordable price. Not quite as soft as the posh rolls like andrex.

  4. Hi
    What about the recycled brand on sale in Oxfam, don’t have a pack to hand but I’m certain it was UK made as are their recycled kitchen towels, dish clothes, washing up brushes and pan scrubbers.

  5. Gordon Smith says

    Co-op also sell better quality toilet tissue Soft Cream and Soft White in 9 pack

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