A short message from one English family to Scotland

REFERENDUM Main 141654Like most people throughout England we were overjoyed to wake up to news that our Scottish brothers have chosen not discard the kinship that makes us all British.

However, it would be easy now to forget about the 1.6 million Scots that did vote for independence. We would like to think that this was perhaps not borne from a centuries old resentment of the English but more a recent disenchantment with Westminster. If that is indeed the case then we suspect it is not a view unique to the Scottish population of the UK.

That being said, the idea of being ‘Better Together’ won through and we can only hope that, in this case, the old adage of ‘what does not break us makes us stronger’ proves true.

Congratulations Scotland the brave.


  1. Time for the British to get a say about their future out of the EU by voting for UKIP in the next General Election and return to British values.

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  2. United we stand, decided we fall. A good result for all of us.

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  3. Sorry for above spelling error, auto spelling kicked in!

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  4. Very very pleased about the result. I was on holiday in America and could not bare the thought of coming home to a different and divided country. What is most encouraging for me is that surveys showed the process seems to have resulted in a lot of Scottish people feeling more British. I hope this continues as regardless of politics and differences of opinion the key to an ongoing successfull Union is that we all feel a sense of togetherness and can share our wonderfull Islands enjoying what unites us. It should not have to take wars and conflicts for us to realise we have far more in common than we have differences. Even those differences when they are treated as diversities and not bitter rivalries can be enjoyed.

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