Still a Normal British Family

imagesIt seems that people are constantly surprised that our effort to campaign in support of British manufacturing, farming and production is not a full time occupation for both Emily and I. We can confirm that we are not linked to any book, TV or anything else. We have normal jobs and go to work Monday to Friday. However, it is still amusing to us that people cannot believe that we manage to keep it up along with our regular jobs.

Yes, we both work full-time. I am a marketing manager for a firm of patent & trade mark attorneys in London and Emily is a teacher in a local school. We are keen to keep this project fun for our family, and we can confirm that it is. That, and your continued support,  is enough reward for us to keep plugging away.

So, the reason for this post is to re-confirm that we are still a normal (rather mundane) British family trying to do something out of the ordinary. What is more, if we can do it anyone can!

– James




  1. Charlotte says

    Lovely post.

  2. Agreed 🙂 lovely

  3. If more normal people made more conscious decisions about what they buy and why then the world and our local economy will be a better place. I have great admiration for the task you have set yourself and am trying harder than ever to take the time to look and make a choice rather then just take stuff from the shelves.

  4. I had wondered how you manage to fit all of this activity in to your lives. We have three children and a couple of dogs and it was ninety minutes between me getting up this morning and sitting down in a semi-calm moment in an attempt to enjoy my first coffee of the day.

    Keep up the good work. You have our support!

  5. Steveo says

    Yeah…me three!!
    Keep blogging folks, as the longer this continues, the more inspired I am becoming!!
    I just wish we didn’t have this damn recession!

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