Impressive Haul from the South West

I suppose it is always the same when you come back off holiday, you always have more than what you went with. This is very much true for us upon our return home from our Easter tour of Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall. Just look at all the stuff we bought!!!

Starting left to right:

New Balance Trainers:

While at Kilver C ourt we found these trainers at £25 down from £90. A pair of these bad-boys have been on the shopping list for us since we started our project, but seeing them at such a barging price meant that we took the plunge.

Orchard Toys Shopping Game:

Endlessly stuck for ways to entertain Lucan we bought this from a little shop in Somerton. Orchard are about the only British toy manufacture that is widely stocked but don’t get me started in that!.

Shakespeare Glass Vase:

We could have spent a fortune in Shakespeare glass but opted for this rather colourful little vase. It already has pride of place in the display cabinet in our hallway.

Union Jack Scarf:

We bought this from a gift shop on Poole Harbour and Emily did not take it off throughout the rest of the holiday. It was made by a local crafts person but  we have lost the tag so cannot tell you more (sorry).

Sharpham Park Spelt Products:

Actually we did not buy these. They were kindly given to us by Roger Saul during our visit to his estate in Sharpham (I don’t think that anyone would begrudge us accepting some perks). We have used much of the Sharpham Park range of spelt products before but we have been introduced to a few more though our visit.

From Dorset With Love – Chutneys and Jam:

We bought these from the River Cottage Spring Fair where they had a stall. We are looking forward to trying them out!

Lyburn Cheeses:

Again, this is what is left of what was generously given to us when we visited Lyburn Cheese on our first day. Let’s just say that there is not much that made it home.

Alex Pole Iron Work fire poker & hook:

This fire poker and hook are both hand forged by Alex. We met him and saw him practising his art at River Cottage.

Celtic Clothing Beenie Hat:

Emily lost her Liv Beenie hat during our trip when Lucan borrowed it to keep him warm and then decided he was warm enough and dropped it out the buggy. She was very sad about this but she soon cheered up when she was able to buy this new one from Kilver Court.

Fosseway Cider:

This was given to us as Sheepland as part of the fantastic display of Somerset produce that they put on for us.

E.Howe Somerset Honey:

Again, this honey was part of the display of local produce on display at Sheepland.

James Chocolates Sheep Lolly:

More stuff from the display from Sheepland.

Cakes by Samantha:

These little sheep cupcakes formed a ring around the Union Jack cake that was made by Samantha for our visit to Sheepland.

Liberty Print Fabrics:

Emily bought these fabrics from a little shop in Totnes. They are printed in the UK. She plans to make a skirt this week.

Sheepland Slippers:

Well, we would have been silly to have gone all that way an not bought a pair!! My feet are in heaven as I type this blog.

Lush Cosmetics:

We came out like bandits from our visit to Lush. They were supremely generous in giving us loads of fantastic smellys. They actually saved us from cheap hotel soap and shampoo all holiday.

Cornish Sea Salt:

We bought a big tub of the stuff from River Cottage. While we can get it from Waitrose, the large tub worked out very good value compared to buying in store. I am told that this purchase was an effort to save us money long term.

Naughty Step from Lovingly Made:

This was the last purchase of our trip and caught our eye as soon as we entered Lovingly Made’s centre. While Lucan is generally a very good boy he does have his moments. More than that, it is a beautifully made bit of furniture made out of up-cycled wood.

We are now skint, so back to work on Monday to pay for it all!




  1. Liz Riley says

    One of your best blogs proving that you can buy British! And a wonderful haul too. Well done Mr and Mrs B (and Lucan). I enjoyed your holiday – just have a good relaxing weekend enjoying all your new products. Well done!

  2. I love the ‘Naughty Step’ – although are you sure that is isn’t so inviting that Lucan will be actually wanting to sit on it 🙂

    Your blog inspired me to stop in Lush today – not somewhere I usually purchase items for myself but I thought supporting ‘British’ was a fantastic reason for some delightful face scrub and an indulgent bath bomb lol!

  3. I am a recent Lush convert. Massage bars and aphrodisiac tablet toothpaste all the way!
    Not too mention the ‘Play Dough’ like soaps, shampoos and bubble baths (for the children, I’m told)

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