The end of the first 6 months… Our top 10 finds

top-tenSince starting out with a rather crazy idea nearly 6 months ago we have come across some truly amazing UK manufacturers and producers and we thought that it was about time that we shared some of our favourites with you. The list is by no means exhaustive and it has actually taken us nearly a week to decide on the final 10 as there are so many great businesses that we have had contact with.

Without further ado I give you our top 10 so far…..


This little small electronic device measures the internal temperature of food. It means that we have had perfect roasts since getting one about 3 months ago… plus ours comes in a funky union flag design.

House of Dorchester

We have become a little addicted to HOD choccies. They are fantastic quality and even better (or worse for our waistlines) available in our local Tesco.

Unique Kids

It is rare that we find British made kids clothes at such a fantastic price. Unique Kids make fleece jumpers, onsies, gloves and scarves in North Wales.

Kent Veg Box

Joining a veg box scheme was one of the best things that we have done while trying to survive on only British produce. Kent Veg Box is not just about fruit and veg, they also deliver all of our meat, fish, eggs, milk and bread. What is more is that we have actually started saving money on our usual shop by using this service. Between you and me we save about 20% on our pre-British shop!

Chapel Down Vineyard

It is great living in Kent – the Napa Valley of English wine. Chapel Down, for us, produce some of the best wine around. A particular favourite is the pink bubbly which really has a flavour all its own.

Raspberry Pi

This is a fantastic little box no bigger than a credit card that houses a whole computer! Yes there are quite a few peripherals to sort out and you do need to put your own OS on it but its great fun for a slightly geeky husband.

Hill and Sons

The wonderful sieves and riddles that are hand made in the last remaining workshop in the UK are really something. The riddles are perfect for the garden and I whole heartedly attribute my success at growing seeds this year to the fine layer of compost the riddle has given me.


Yull was one of our very first finds of the year and they do remain one of the true favourites for Emily. Stunning, well made shoes with the flair to make a classic design, comfortable.

Rainbow Trugs

When we started out this year one of our early supporters and friends was Rainbow Trugs. Their brilliantly made, food safe plastic trugs have more uses than even we have found yet. Ours get used as toy boxes, for growing seeds in, for general use in the garden and even as a laundry basket!

Farringtons Mayonnaise

This is a recent discovery but one that will see us through the rest of the year and beyond. Made with Farringtons rapeseed oil and free range British eggs it really is the best mayo we have ever tasted!


  1. Stephen Weller says

    You must be so proud that you have got this far so successfully – it certainly seemed at first (to the slightly cynical amongst us!) that it would be almost impossible…and no doubt it’s not been easy at times, but I think it’s such a great thing you’ve embraced. Roll on the next 6 months. We’re vicariously loving your journey 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Thermapen. I saw them on the Great British Bake Off and had been looking to get a thermometer I could use across my cooking. Much appreciated!

  3. Liz Riley says

    Echo Stephen Weller! I have been an avid follower since Day One. Have used some of your ‘new’ suppliers and even sent gifts from them. Not only must you be proud, you SHOULD be proud! The journey you have started has become a roll – and still six months to go – and beyond? Well done to an amazing couple of ‘normal’ people is the thumbs up bottle of Kent bubbly (or other!) I would toast you with. Very seriously, well done!!!

  4. Angela Harding says

    You have been such an inspiration and made me consider everything I buy keep on keeping on. I shall certainly go on the websites of some of your top ten have you thought of doing a directory for us?

    • Funnily enough six of the top ten are already listed on I had an idea a few years back that putting just those companies that made products in the UK would help people “Buy British” because at that time it was incredibly difficult to find anything made in the UK.

      There are now almost 3000 companies on the Kimwetu directory (Kimwetu is a word meaning “local goods”) who make products in the UK. Take a look, as you may be surprised how much we do make in the UK!

  5. Gordon Smith says

    Through your email about tyres I was able to source Avon tyres make in Melksham for my MG ZTT. Thank you

  6. This comment is for your next post, but I can’t get it to open. I would like to suggest you look at the Frugal Queen’s blog, she has excellent advice about shopping and menu planning on a very tight budget. Although she doesn’t specifically buy British, she does buy from her local shops in Cornwall. She really does know her stuff!

  7. Patricia Miller says

    I live in Yorkshire and would like to mention the company Silver Cross who manufacture baby and doll’s prams on site in Keighley. I recently inherited an old Silver Cross dolls pram and went to see if they could renovate for me. After telephoning Silver Cross I was recommended to contact Joe Roberts who runs the manufacturing site and went down to see him. I was given a tour of their works where everything was produced, including the sewing, on site. Unfortunately they were not able to renovate my dolls pram but took photos of the pram and forwarded to a lady in Scotland who can help and they also volunteered to pack it up and post for me. Now that is what I call service and deserves a mention. Hope you can mention them in your dispatches!

    • Agreed, A great quality product too!

      It must be said though that it is only their Victorian style prams that are still made in the UK. Their pushchairs and alike are made abroad.

      • Patricia Miller says

        Oh what a shame, let’s hope they come back to the UK eventually.

      • Oh come now, hardly Victorian! Retro, perhaps? I was proud to bring one with me when I moved to Norway, and all three of my children slept outdoors in it here all year round, snugly protected from the winter chills, and light and airy under a sun canopy in the hot summers. These prams are incredibly easy to push even when heavily laden with baby, toddler on a toddler seat and shopping on the tray underneath. I couldn’t have done without mine. And no, I am not some great grandma! My youngest is ten. My navy blue silvercross carriage pram is carefully stored away now, a treasure that I shall pass down the family.

        • Yes. We had one. It was fantastic and did the same with Lucan in the summer. Must admit we never really took it far though.

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