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Boys-DVDWell it would seem that I am now unemployed. On Friday I was called into a rather ominous meeting with HR and told, rather politely, that my contract of employment was going to be terminated with immediate effect… or basically, here’s the door and don’t darken it again. I am not going to go into the why’s and wherefores for my sudden redundancy but it was an amicable arrangement with no hard feeling on either side. However, needless to say, the hunt now begins to find gainful employment elsewhere. Thankfully I have 2 months gardening leave but there will certainly be a frantic effort from me find a new job as soon as possible.  

Surprisingly, I am looking on this whole affair rather positively. As the saying goes; as one door closes another one opens. So my plan is to take this as an opportunity to maybe make a diversion in the path of my career.

I have worked in the city (London that is) for nearly 15 years, as a marketing and business development specialist within professional service firms. It would be nice to see if there was something else out there. I still enjoy marketing but it would be great to not have to deal with the pressures of corporate life, and if this means a cut in pay then so be it.

As I say, I still enjoy marketing. In fact I truly believe that I have a talent for it (perhaps this project is some testament to that!?!). It would great if I could apply my skills to help a British manufacturer – a brand that I really believe in.

Anyway, like I say, the hunt is on to find a job. Now this website gets on average 2000 hits per day. And I am hoping that this is a great pool of people that might just be willing to help me look for a new job.

If you know of anyone in the South East or London that might need someone like me please get in touch! I thank you in advance.

Need a website, branding or promotional materials?

Alternatively, while I am just twiddling my thumbs for 2 months, I am free to build websites or advice on any marketing emergencies on a consultancy basis. I can build anything from simple websites to online stores, and design all kinds of promotional materials. If you need me I am here.

Either way, I will keep you posted on my progress.


  1. Fiona Burge says

    So sorry to hear of the career change. Redundancy is really tough, my family have gone through the same. I hope you find something soon but remember that with the skills you have, freelance work is a great option as so many companies are opting for freelancers instead of employing people permanently which costs more than just a salary, pensions, health schemes etc. The current economic climate has brought really hard times for various household incomes but has also brought new windows of opportunity, thinking outside the box. Interesting times ahead as the new door opens!

  2. So sorry to hear your news. A friend of mine was recently let go. She couldn’t square it with herself and it took her a while to get over it. You could also consider maternity contracts. that’s what she’s doing and she’s really happy. Fingers crossed you find something soon!

  3. Charlotte Henderson says

    Bad news initially but as you say ‘one door closes and another opens.’ i am sure you will find other employment. Very best of luck and in the meantime if i hear of nything i will let you know.

  4. I’ve never met someone who had been made redundant who didn’t say it was the best thing that ever happened to them 12 months down the line!

  5. A shock, initially, so hope you’re coping with it. However, as the other folk and you say, it does open other doors. Do not be afraid of ‘going it alone’ you’ve done a great job with this campaign, so proves your capabilities and drive. Have belief, have a plan, talk to folk, busy hard working people make their own luck :-0) Good luck. Come on folk, this guy IS helping all of us in the long term, so maybe we can help him!?

  6. Simon Alford says

    I’d been contracting in local government for 10 years when the combined efforts of bankers and a Tory government torpedoed my labour market. Two and a bit years unemployed and 6 months on the minimum wage. Frightened, desperate, angry and bitter, A total lack of significant support from the State after paying in for 32 years.

    Eventually … a decent job. But if anything the experience has made me angrier at certain persons. Jobcentre staff and Bankers should be dragged into the street and garotted.

    I hope you have quicker success than I did 🙂

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