Unclean, Unclean… British Pox Remedy

Our poor boy has the pox at the moment, chicken that is… not small. We noticed the spots coming up on Friday and they have got gradually worse since. He has obviously not been feeling right in himself for a few day prior to this so the constant wining all makes sense now.

Now, we have said from the beginning that we could not follow the rules of our challenge to buy British should someone need medicine or medical attention. After all that would boarder on extremism. However, old habits die hard and we still found our selves looking for British made solutions to this new problem, and what would you know but.. success! And what is more it was not all that difficult. At our local pharmacy we found a range of products manufactured by Thornton & Ross branded as Care+, including a chickenpox relief cooling gel called ViraSoothe and a lavender essential oil. A combination of these is, we hope, starting to make him feel a little less under the weather when combined with Boots version of Calpol.

It will be a good few days before we can hope to see a return to sleeping through the night and less itching but it is good to know that what we are putting on his skin is at least helping him in a truly British way.


  1. Snap! My little one came down with chicken pox on Friday, spots now rapidly multiplying……

  2. Hope he’s better soon, chicken pox is horrible. Glad you could find something to work and British. You could also try an oat bath (oats wrapped in a muslin/cloth in a warm bath), it may relieve the itching at bed time.

  3. Tried and tested when my three had more spots than clear skin…good old fashioned bicarbonate of soda. Put about two ounces into a warm bath before bedtime or whenever relief is needed- who said you could only have a bath at bedtime! Sometimes the delight of an extra playtime in the tub is distracting as well as soothing. You could try dabs of calamine lotion, but it is quite drying. We didn’t use it. Good luck, and remember, this too will pass!

  4. When my sons’ were younger and they caught chicken pox they were kind enough to share it with me, I was literally covered and as an adult it was good old bicarbonate of soda in the bath that was the most soothing, calamine lotion did not help at all. We all had it in May too! I hope all are feeling better soon.

  5. Keep him in his Silver Sense jammies – they help stop the itch and heal any broken skin.

  6. Keep him in his Silver Sense jammies, they help stop the itch and heal any broken skin.

  7. As a qualified Pharmacist of 25+ years and mother of two, my recommendations are paracetamol dose according to age and chlorphenamine antihistamine also dose for age and either crotamiton cream/lotion if over three or E45 itch, all available as UK made products as fr as I know (read the labels) avoid calamine lotion like the plague!

  8. Lizzie Baker says

    I can also vouch for the bicarb in the bath remedy. I remember Mum doing that for me when I had it, and found it much more soothing than the dreaded calamine lotion. That was always fine when it was first applied, but as it dried on my skin it always seemed to make me itch more. The bicarb bath though, was nigh on instant relief as I remember and lasted longer. Did it for my two when they had it too. Glad you found some other remedies too. Hope he’s feeling better soon.

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