Today’s free Sun newspaper in brief – reading it so you don’t have to!

Taking one for the team!

Today, like 22 million other homes around the country, we received a free copy of The Sun newspaper. The first question I have is “is this what it is like all the time?”. I have not read a copy of the Sun since Linda Lusardi graced the 3rd page, so was shocked at the overall quality of the reporting. News  highlights in todays edition include:

  • Read all about it – “The Queen has been voted the greatest living English person”
  • Shock horror – “loads of people find Kelly Brook attractive – along with 2 other young ladies that I have never heard of”
  • Property section – “Robbie Williams is moving back to the UK from LA”
  • The travel section – One of the best things to do in England is visit a branch of Lloyds bank under which is buried the HMV dog”
  • Sport news –  “Wayne Rooney has a terrible haircut”
  • Food and drink section – “Roast dinner is England’s number one food”

Consider yourself up to date with the latest news and events.

Now, when you receive your copy of The Sun this morning you need not waste your time reading it. I suggest you do any of the following with it: send it back in protest, use it as a fly swat, light a BBQ, fashion a rather flimsy Robin Hood hat, recycle it, make a telescope, use as emergency toilet paper, line a broken window, draw moustaches/glasses/horns on the faces or line a budgies cage. These are just some ideas that are somewhat preferable to reading it.

– James


  1. I was at Hillsborough on the day of the terrible disaster. The Sun lost no time in blaming the members of the public who were present that day for the appalling loss of life without any investigation – subsequent inquiriesfound that the old stadium was unsuitable for such a large crowd and the police had mismanaged the situation.
    The Sun is a shoddy publication owned by a tax dodging company. The best advice that can be given to anybody receiving this unwanted junk mail is to return it at no cost to: The Sun, FREEPOST, London E98 1AX

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  2. I stopped buying all newspapers about 10 years ago due to rubbish content & press hounding / phone tapping etc…

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  3. How can anyone afford to buy a daily newspaper these days??
    And if they are as uninformative as the TV news, why bother?

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  4. Robert says

    Look on the bright side, James. They don’t deliver it free everyday/ 😉

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  5. All the media seem to be biased. If you want to see the whole picture of events that are happening watch RT television. They even reported on a demonstration happening in this country which wasn’t in our newspapers on our TV stations.

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