Video: Fond memories of The British Family Fayre 2013

Looking back we are very proud of what we achieved with the British Family Fayre. The culmination of 3 months of the most stress we have ever felt as a family and the day it’s self was a blur of activity for us. Thankfully there was someone with a camera to capture the little moments we missed. Thank you Russell from Design Surgeons for putting this fantastic video together for us.

If you came to the fayre in 2013 I hope this brings back memories of a fun day for you too. See you in 2014!




  1. Hi James – Not entirely happy to download this software so will miss out on the video.
    Surely saving the video as a popular video format would have been better than asking your readers to download unknown software?
    Other than that keep up the excellent work 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t play for me either.

  3. The video is fine this end and good to watch – well done. Have shared with friends.

  4. Claire says

    No problems with playback, I think it might be problems with people not having Adobe flash??

  5. Stitchygirl says

    Brilliant….wish I could have been there…maybe next year 🙂

  6. Fabulous, reminded me all over again what a great day it was.

  7. Hope be there in 2014! 😉

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