A Wild Things weekend

Lucan was extremely excited when he got home this Friday as there was a squidgy purple parcel waiting for him on the doorstep. It is not often that a 3 year old gets post and so it could have been almost anything inside and he would have been thrilled.

Luckily not only was he excited by the outside he was almost beside himself with what was inside. A new pair of dungarees and not just any old dungarees, some dungarees from Wild Things. He was instantly taken by the great simple shark design and insisted on wearing them there and then. The great face on the front was topped off with a super soft fin on the back to give a great overall effect. This is a new design so isn’t on the website yet but it will be there soon. There are also some great girls wear too as well as tents for playtime.

From a mum perspective the dungarees were great quality corduroy fabric and clearly made to last the toil that they will no doubt get over the coming months.

Lucan was almost literally wrestled out of his dungarees tonight to get into the bath so I think I can say these will be a firm favourite for as long as he can squeeze them on.

Check out Wild Things at www.wildthingsdresses.com perfect for a present or just a treat they are great fun and let kids be kids in their clothes.

– Emily


  1. Tim Pilling says

    Looks like Lucan is more then content with his new dungarees. I’ve just bought my 5 year old Sebastian a pair of Tulip & Nettle plaid crop trousers. http://www.tulipandnettle.com/product.ASP?id=774&gallery=11
    He feels and looks fantastic. They’re made at Healey in the heart of Northumberland.

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  2. We know Tulip & Nettle through Twitter. They have some really great stuff.

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