After the storm …

After the hurricanes that battered the South of England over the weekend blew over we finally plucked up courage enough to venture forth from our self made bunker. Quickly deciding that we would indeed live to see another day we decided to go and visit Shepherd Neame, a well known brewery in Faversham, Kent, and meet Moray Neame to discuss putting together a hasty Christmas celebration.

We had contact with Moray, part of the Neame brewing dynasty, some time ago when we were first orgnaising the British Family Fayre. Due to circumstance they were not able to attend but Moray was delightful to speak to so I thought I would get in contact with a little idea that we had been throwing around recently.

We announced some time ago that we would like to organise a pop-up restaurant. Support was indeed there from businesses and public. In fact I suspect we could have booked it out twice over. However, we have decided that this is a bridge too far for us and instead will look at doing this in 2014 now. We would however still like to mark the end of our year so we have decided to set our sights on something a little simpler to organise, and if the popular phrase is to be believed a piss-up in a brewery would seem to fit the bill. Moray, has been very accommodating offering their fantastic facilities and even some beer for free. So, I suppose we have no excuse.IMG-20131029-00013

The plan is to make this a small shin-dig for those that have really supported us over the last 12 months. We hope to invite loads of
manufactures and producers down to share their products with us in an evening of truly British revelry. We also hope to shake a bucket or two for The Prince’s Trust and raise a few quid for them again.

IMG-20131029-00014The evening will be ticketed but free to attend. There will be a strict number of tickets available and so once they are gone they are
gone. It will be held on the evening of Friday, 13th December. So, if you are are interested in attending please do get in touch.

More details coming soon…


  1. I would love to come along if possible.

  2. Liz Riley says

    Good luck with this you two – you’ve had an amazing year and deserve to celebrate – non better than Shepherd Neame with their anniversary Spitfire to do both you and them proud

  3. Heidi Rose says

    I hope your party is an amazing sucess and look forward to the British Show in 2014.

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