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The Kings Speech

Last Thursday night uber-trendy London bar Sketch played host to the launch of King of Shaves latest innovation in male grooming, their Hyperglide razor.   I was fortunate to be invited by the King himself (Will King that is) and to be among the crowd. This was a rare opportunity to leave MrsB and Lucan at home and have a night on the town, so I grabbed it with both hands. The night was punctuated by a very entertaining speech by Will and music from Chicane (whom those old/young enough will know from their days of attending 90’s house parties wearing white gloves and waving glow sticks). Needless to say I had a great night but toddled off home relatively early complete with my goodie bag containing the new Hyperglide razor.


This rubber sucker storage solution is cool too!

Last-night, with about a weeks growth of beard, I simply wet my face and began to shave with my Hyperglide. It was obvious that I had set the razor too much of a challenge at this point. The bristles of my beard were had not been softened by foam or a shaving brush and I found the razor tugged, so had to opt for the addition of King of Shaves gel. Had I had just one or two days growth or just come out of the shower I am sure that shaving with water only would have worked far better.

During Will’s speech he made the point that this razor was perhaps the only true advance in razor technology in the last 30 years, other than the addition of more blades. I am a traditionalist when is comes to shaving and still use a cut-throat and brush most of the time because I have never got on with any of the modern razor designs. Even the old King of Shaves razor I struggled with, so I was somewhat sceptical that this new Hyperglide would be innovation enough for me. However, as soon as you start to shave with it I did notice the insane ‘slipperyness’. It actually feels a little unusual. To say that the blade glides is an understatement. If feels like your face and the razor are actually being repelled away from each other. In all it makes for one of the most comfortable shaves I have ever had. As for the result… my face has not been this smooth since I was about 13 years old. In fact MrsB spent a full 5 minutes stroking my chin in disbelief.


Before & After!

It is not often that that marketing lives up to the hype but with this totally British made and innovated razor I can say that it’s all true.

So, am I going to hang up my cut throat for good? I don’t think so. The straight razor is great for cutting through a forest of beard but  for day to day pruning the Hyperglide is in the Bradshaw house to stay!

Editor's Rating
Value for Money
Total British Family Rating80/100

The hyperglide is out now priced £9.99. King of Shaves will also be at the British Family Fayre in August (

– James



  1. wow was it really that comfortable? What’s the technology behind it?

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  2. Just got mine and couldn’t be happier about it! Stuck the handy wall sucker on my bathroom mirror and now every time I walk past it, all I can think is ‘lovely chrome’! Luckily the razor is not only aesthetically pleasing. It works very well, too.

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