Still no toys made in Britain

Dinky toys proudly stamped 'made in England'

Dinky toys proudly stamped ‘made in England’

With just one month away from our son’s 4th Birthday we are, for a second year, desperately looking for toys made in the UK. Unfortunately, it appears that 12 months has not improved the struggle we had last year.

It is one of our biggest disappointments with the current state of UK manufacturing that there are so few toys made in Britain. This is especially true because of the country’s previous dominance as a nation of toy makers. A dominance that lasted until the 1960’s/70’s, at which point the Far East became the centre of global toy manufacture. So, it is with some sadness that we must announce that toy manufacturing in the UK is still dead.

However, with the rising cost of manufacturing in Asia I predict that it will not be long before the toy manufacturers return. Sadly, this mass re-shoreing of the UK toy sector  is unlikely to occur before the 7th July (Lucan’s birthday). If anyone does know of any toys that are made in the UK would they please get in touch or comment below.

–  James




  1. Susana says

    Hi guys,

    I have been struggling with this issue too, as I will be a first time mommy soon and feel very frustrated not to be able to find UK made toys.

    However, when browsing through the shelves of Tesco some time ago, I did encounter UK made toys. They’re from this company called Orchard. See their weblink below:

    Good luck!

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    • Orchard toys are great. Lucan has had various puzzles and games from them since birth and still plays with them. I would recommend them for new little one (congrats BTW).

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  2. Hi James…Ive purchased lovely wooden toys from… for my young nephews Im pretty sure that they make them in house and are a lovely helpful company to deal with…might be worth a chat with them…although of course 4 year olds are probably into ipads by that age not toy forts and garages!

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  3. Tim Pilling says
    Try little-bean

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  4. Tim Pilling says
    Brian Clegg Arts and Crafts

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  5. Loades of them:

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  6. Ian Deaville says

    I can’t speak directly about any of the companies here, but a quick search found these sites which appear to feature UK made toys & games:
    and for the more grown-up kids –

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    • Ruby toys is a new one on us. I would love someone to start making matchbox style cars here again.

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  7. Hi James – hope you’re well. Sorry for a family suggestion but my brothers shop Green & Present has great cardboard playhouses, castles, rocket planes and similar here they’re life size for kids and flat pack away. My son absolutely loved his at about Lucan’s age. You can paint it, write on it, have it inside outside etc etc. the whole shop and all products are all either recycled reclaimed or reused, not sure if all are British, but I think these are, and they’re made from recycled cardboard to boot. Worth a look maybe.

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  8. James, I’m glad several people have been able to offer suggestions. That would be a sad thing indeed if there were no British-made toys to be had! Wishing you and your family all the best.

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